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The Best Messaging Tile for Pivotal Cloud Foundry

This week we’ve released the latest version of our Solace PubSub+ for PCF tile. Version 2.1.0 is now generally available as part of the Pivotal Network.

Key among the new features is support for the totally free Solace PubSub+ Standard edition of our advanced event broker.

This means PCF users can now choose Solace’s free, robust, production-deployable PubSub+ technology within PCF. PubSub+ Enterprise – which provides increased performance and scaling – is also available in the tile.

Providing PCF users with Solace’s rock-solid alternative to other free message/event brokers will enable developers to adopt all the common message exchange patterns, as well as other capabilities such as streaming, queuing and replay that are needed for today’s event-driven architectures—and do so in one broker and without making a purchase commitment.

The tile makes available:

  • CredHub support, which increases security by storing service instance credentials in CredHub.
  • Enhancements that enable additional use cases like blue-green application deployments.

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Introducing VMR Support in Kubernetes Container Environments

Editor’s noteWe’ve renamed our product suite. The VMR is now referred to as Solace PubSub+. See our products page for more information.


Kubernetes has recently emerged as the clear leader in the container services space, as evidenced by announcements from all the major public cloud service providers and technology vendors such as Pivotal and Mesos. Enterprises are increasingly looking to leverage all the advantages that an orchestration layer for containers brings, and are rapidly adopting Kubernetes as their platform of choice.


We’re committed to making our world class Virtual Message Router (VMR) easily deployable in any environment, have had OpenShift support for some time, and just added Kubernetes to our already extensive list of supported environments.

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New PCF Tile Adds AMQP 1.0 Support and WebUI

Today we’ve released the latest version of our Solace Messaging for PCF tile.  Version 1.2.0 is generally available as part of the Pivotal Network.  The tile allows app developers to use Solace messaging in any Pivotal Cloud Foundry deployment.  The Solace tile has been Generally Available for several months, however, this new release introduces support for many new features, as well as the first VMR Enterprise Edition of the tile for deploying Solace Messaging in Production environments.

The highlights of this release include:

  • AMQP 1.0 (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol) GA support
    This Enterprise grade, open and standard protocol helps organizations avoid vendor lock-in, and maintain flexibility in their distributed application infrastructure.  Solace’s implementation is compatible with a variety of available open source AMQP APIs.
  • An Alpha version of the new WebUI administration console
    This provides access to an extremely easy to use browser based interface for managing a solace-messaging service instance.

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Simplifying the Deployment of Solace VMRs into the Cloud

Editor’s noteWe’ve renamed our product suite. The VMR is now referred to as Solace PubSub+. See our products page for more information.


Helping our customers transition to running many of their applications in the cloud is central to our strategy as a company.   One of our key strategies to help customers take advantage of Solace messaging is to make deployments of VMRs in the various cloud environments as simple and easy as possible.

Our goal in this regard is specifically to simplify the work of IT/middleware organizations and developers in deploying VMRs in different configurations in all the most popular cloud environments used today.  This is so they can spend more of their time on developing apps that add value to their organizations, instead of setting up the required messaging infrastructure.  This is especially important/valuable, for hybrid cloud deployments where learning the intricacies of the different clouds involved could be complicated and time consuming. … Read the rest