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Integrating IoT Devices with Datacenter Resources on the SigFox Network

We’ve recently been doing some work with a French company called Sigfox that has some ambitious goals for enabling the Internet of Things. Rather than using a general-purpose IP-based cellular network, which requires significant power and silicon for basic connectivity, they’ve developed a purpose-built network designed to meet the needs of millions or even billions of low-powered IoT devices. They believe they can reduce power requirements enough that many devices can run without batteries (powered by solar for example) and with a fraction of the communications silicon required to connect via other wireless networks. Exciting stuff!

At Solace, we have taken a similar approach to tackling the challenges of data movement by tackling the right tools for the right jobs. Sophisticated messaging and streaming in the back office, WAN optimization for efficient cloud synchronization and lightweight protocols and APIs for IoT devices.

This shared vision is what brought our two companies together and what has led to some of my efforts building a proof-of-concept application that shows the capabilities of our combined solutions.… Read the rest

Demonstrating IoT at SAP TechEd Barcelona

Last week I attended SAP TechEd in Barcelona. As a strategic partner of SAP, Solace had a booth where I had set up an Internet of Things demo. It consisted of a toy train carrying a sensor which collected information about temperature, direction and speed, and sent the data to a Raspberry Pi via Bluebooth. The Raspberry Pi in turn published this information to a topic in a Solace appliance in London using the MQTT protocol. A consumer represented by a Java program deployed locally on my Macbook in Barcelona subscribed to the topic and provisioned an influx database, which was used by a Grafana Dashboard to display the sensor information.

Here is the architecture of the demo:

This simple demo illustrated the ability of Solace to easily provide a pub/sub architecture that’s robust, scalable and highly available. On top of this, Solace serving as the messaging back-bone of SAP Hana Cloud Platform was another real life example of the reliability of our solution, being used already in many SAP datacenters worldwide.… Read the rest