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Solace’s High Availability Functionality with Fast Failover

Most messaging systems claim they support redundancy, but it’s important to step back and consider the real requirements of high availability in your messaging system. If the switchover time is too long and unpredictable, does it still satisfy your high availability requirements?

Solace’s hardware has been designed with fully-integrated, tightly-coupled features for high availability and general networking robustness, such as redundant components, the automatic fail-over of paired devices, the isolation of control and data planes, and per-client queue management.

Traditional middleware products keep all of their state on disk, so in the event of a failure the standby broker must retrieve all state from disk before it can resume providing service. This can take minutes or tens of minutes depending on the amount of data stored. Solace uses a patented approach to maintain real-time state on both active and standby systems so activity switches happen in seconds rather than minutes.

ha-switchover-demoThis video gives an introduction to the high availability (HA) functionality that’s baked in to every Solace appliance, shown in context of a guaranteed messaging implementation.… Read the rest

Meet SolAdmin; Monitoring Subscribers in Several Scenarios

This is the first in what will become a series of posts introducing our SolAdmin management application. These posts will take quick tours of key capabilities and features of the SolAdmin application and how to put these features to use monitoring Solace appliances so that you can get the most out of your applications that depend on Solace’s unified messaging platform.

If you’re new to SolAdmin, it’s a management application that can be used to access all management features of Solace appliances. It is designed for both advanced administrators already familiar with Solace and those just getting started.
This video demonstrates the monitoring of subscriber applications receiving messages from a Solace messaging appliance. My goal was to show how easy it is to take a typical problem of an application that is not correctly receiving messages and to show both how the appliance provides detailed statistics and debug information that help to diagnose the problem and how SolAdmin makes it very easy to access these details.… Read the rest