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Enterprise Stats: A Closer Look

Solace Enterprise Stats is a new solution from the Solace Professional Services Group that enables easy access for monitoring your Solace message routers. In this blog article, I will walk you through the architecture and some of the details underlying the Enterprise Stats solution.

An Enterprise Stats deployment always consists of at least one instance of the StatsPump and at least one Stats Receiver. In the diagram below, we have a simple deployment model for the Enterprise Stats solution.
In this diagram, the StatsPump is polling a Solace message router using the SEMP protocol. It then re-formats the SEMP responses it receives from the message router, and publishes the stats back out as messages using the very same message router. Also in this picture, a Stats Receiver is subscribing to some statistical data and writing it into a time series database. From there, an operations GUI is pulling the data for visualization.… Read the rest

OBO Subscription Managers with MQTT

This blog article is a follow-up to my previous post, An Architectural Look at Managed Subscriptions in Solace, where I explain to you a variety of reasons why you might need a subscription manager as part of your solution. I also showed you how to code a subscription manager and client using Solace’s JCSMP API in my Solace Managed Subscriptions in Action blog.
In this blog article, I will introduce MQTT clients into the picture.  We’ll then modify the code from my Solace Managed Subscriptions in Action blog. This time, we’ll make the client an MQTT one.… Read the rest

Solace Managed Subscriptions in Action

This blog post continues from my previous post where I introduced the On-Behalf-Of (OBO) subscription manager application architecture. In this post, I’ll show you the basic code required to get this application pattern working. To do this I will show you a basic client application and a subscription manager application which can subscribe on behalf of this client. The picture below gives you an overview of this pattern as a refresher. Jump back to my previous post if any of this is new to you.


To get the most out of this blog post you should be familiar with the following things:

One simple way to get access to a Solace message router is to start a Solace VMR load as outlined here.… Read the rest

An Architectural Look at Managed Subscriptions in Solace

When architecting an enterprise messaging system, there are options surrounding how application subscriptions are added to the Solace message routers. One of these options is the use of a subscription manager. In this article, we will explore what a subscription manager is and look at the considerations surrounding using one. In a future post, I will also walk you through a simple example of how to code a basic subscription manager and its corresponding client application.


What is a subscription manager?

A subscription manager is a custom coded program running in the back end of your enterprise which manages subscriptions for other clients. Solace enables a centralized subscription management architecture by providing a special feature which allows certain clients to subscribe and unsubscribe to topics on behalf of other clients.

In order for an application to be a subscription manager, it must connect to the router using a client username which has been designated as such.… Read the rest