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Live Video Streaming over Solace, Part 2

In part 1 of this series of blog posts, I introduded the concepts of using Solace for video streaming .In this second installment of the live video streaming over Solace series, let’s take a look at a simple streaming demo application called BroadcastMe.  Its designed to show how live video streaming can be implemented over Solace.  The usage scenario is to multicast video from a single broadcaster to multiple stream viewers. The source code can be downloaded from Github.

Live video streaming is a little different from conventional video file playback. Stream video is usually transported using MPEG transport stream (MPEG-TS, MTS or TS).  Very briefly, a transport stream specifies a container format which describes how to encapsulate packetized elementary streams with error correction and stream synchronization features. Within the transport stream, there are a number of sub-streams. For instance, a transport stream can contain a main data stream of MPEG codec (such as mpeg2, mp4, h264), as well as any number of non-MPEG codecs (such as ACS, DTS audio) or even text information like electronic program guide.… Read the rest

Live Video Streaming over Solace

Having been previously involved in several large scale video and audio streaming implementations, my reaction, when a colleague first suggested to add an extra messaging layer for video streaming, I was nothing short of bewildered.  That was, to be precise, 3 years ago.  But is it such an outrageous idea?  Given the way live streams are distributed today, in particular with the juxtaposition of user generated social live video and the proliferation of smartphones, we are literally riding on the parabolic rise of live video streaming traffic. And, it’s time to step back and view live streaming delivery from a different perspective.

One only needs to look at Facebook’s recent aggressive expansion into live video streaming with the launch of Facebook Live to appreciate the phenomenal pace at which the live streaming landscape is evolving. It goes without saying that the expectation of the era post 2015 is that the live video streaming system must be able to simultaneously stream to hundreds of thousands of viewers, if not millions, and it must also have global reachability. … Read the rest