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Implementing Transactional Messaging with Solace

In this blog, I’ll introduce you to Session Transactions, commonly called Local Transactions. Transacted Sessions enable client applications to group multiple message send and/or receive operations together in single, atomic units. Session Transactions are supported by Solace’s Java, JavaRTO, C, .NET and JMS APIs.

In this post I’ll explain what they are, why to use them, and how to use them. I’ll also describe how a new transaction begins, and the interactions that take place between client applications and the Solace message router. In a future post I’ll demonstrate, using sample code, a client making use of Session Transactions.

What is a Session Transaction?

The Session Transactions feature allows client applications to publish and/or consume a series of messages as one atomic unit. The messages that are published and received in a Transaction are staged on the Solace Message Router.

A transaction must be committed before any message sends or receives are completed.… Read the rest