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Hardware vs. software solutions – the parasite drag analogy

Stephen Hoogasian is a former US Air Force pilot with extensive experience in application of C2 information systems.  He has reviewed the utility of hardware routers such as Solace’s application within the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Defense. Mr. Hoogasian flew aircraft including the U-2 high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft and T-38 jet shown here.

What is the potential benefit of using hardware-based solutions vs. a software solution to solve the problem of routing information? Speed—the maximum speed at which a system can process a given volume of information. That’s where the difference shows dramatically.

As an aviator, I cast the problem set into a vein I was more familiar with—that of aerodynamics. In aviation, induced drag (the drag due to lift generation) tends to be greater at lower speeds because a high angle of attack is required to maintain lift. As speed increases this induced drag becomes much less, but parasitic drag increases because the fluid (air) is flowing faster around protruding objects.… Read the rest