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Splunking Solace Events with JMS Modular Input

splunk-jms_1In this blog post, I am going to demonstrate how to integrate Solace with Splunk using JMS Messaging Modular Input (aka jms_ta). Splunk can ingest data from multiple sources using variety of Data Inputs; jms_ta is one them which is used to ingest data into Splunk from a JMS Broker. This blog builds on top of an existing blog Handling Solace Message Router Events in Applications. This is an excellent reference to build your understanding about Solace Message Router Events mechanism.

We will demonstrate how the following Solace Messaging Events gets ingested into Splunk via Modular Input JMS (jms_ta):

  • Client Connect / Disconnect
  • Subscription Add / Remove

* You can refer to Solace Events Reference online documentation for complete list of Events with detailed description of each.

Solace Base Setup

Splunk can be integrated with both Solace Messaging Router Hardware Appliance and Virtual Message Router (VMR). You can refer to instructions to install and configure a local VMR running on your machine.… Read the rest

Enabling Jenkins to Configure Solace for Messaging

A few years back Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) were an optional part of the software development and release management lifecycle. The toolsets were not very mature and developers preferred the more traditional way of doing things with toolsets like Make, Ant etc.  The build process was automated but invocation was manual. Today CI/CD is an integral part of software development and release management lifecycle. I won’t get into the details and importance of CI/CD, a lot is said and written on this topic already and there are lots of excellent tools devoted to making your CD pipeline easy to manage like Concounse.io, Travis CI, GoCD, Spinnaker, Bamboo. However, recently I was working with a customer who still depended on Jenkins to handle both CI and CD and wanted to use it to manage a Solace Message Router. So I thought I would share my experiences in case you are in a similar situation.… Read the rest