Solace is a big believer in open-source initiatives and the communities that rally around them. We have contributed to several open-source projects, created some of our own like our Kafka connectors and our Solace PubSub+ Spring Cloud Stream Binder. We are also a proud Platinum Sponsor of the AsyncAPI initiative, an initiative of open-source tools that facilitates building and maintaining event-driven systems. Throughout these experiences we’ve seen first-hand how open-source communities foster innovation by encouraging the exchange of ideas and collaboration between individuals across organizations. We love open source so much that we decided to create a home for Solace-related open-source projects!

Drum roll please… 🥁
We are excited to announce the availability of SolaceCommunity GitHub Organization!🎉

This new GitHub organization offers open-source projects that are authored, maintained, and supported by the community.

  • Projects that provide integrations with Solace technologies and other technologies and platforms
  • Tools that enable the usage of Solace APIs (wrapper, packages, etc.)
  • Projects that illustrate the use of Solace APIs for learning or teaching purposes

External moderators will run the projects at their own pace and style, while allowing the projects to be more easily discovered by other Solace users.

By contributing to this community organization, you can demonstrate your technical skills, share your project, and collaborate with folks around the world. You’ll also improve your chance of receiving the Community Contributor badge. To help you with your contribution, we have posted the SolaceCommunity GitHub Contribution Guide in our community. It explains what you can contribute, what it means to contribute a project, repository roles, and more.

We’re psyched to say this new community organization is off to a quick start! Several projects have already been contributed, including the Angular Solace Message Client:
asyncapi-codegen-scstby Mrc0113This repo contains a project that provides a message client to communicate with a Solace event broker for sending and receiving messages using the native Solace Message Format over WebSocket.Open on GitHub

Another example is a Prometheus exporter:
solace-prometheus-exporterby solacecommunityThis repo contains a project to create a Prometheus exporter for Solace PubSub+ Event Broker.Open on GitHub

A huge thanks to Solace Developer Community member @GreenRover for his contributions!

Whether it is a npm package, monitoring tool, docker image, cli tool, etc., if you have any Solace projects that you would like to contribute or that you would like to see created, contact us at or let us know in the Solace Developer Community.

We look forward to your contributions!

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Marc DiPasquale

Marc has been designing enterprise computing systems and developing event-driven applications throughout his career, with experience in the aviation, healthcare, and weather domains. He is knowledgeable with many tools of the EDA trade including Java, JMS, AsyncAPI and MQTT. He is especially adept with Spring technologies, and frequently works with the Spring engineering team to improve the experience for developers who want to build event-driven microservices with Spring Boot, Spring Cloud Stream and Spring Cloud Function.

Marc loves helping fellow developers “see the light” as EDA becomes increasingly mainstream. As a principal developer advocate for Solace, he helps current and prospective customers understand how EDA – specifically event mesh, event portal and event taxonomy – can help them realize their application modernization, cloud migration, and digital transformation objectives. He has published numerous articles, codelabs and tutorials about event-driven architecture, is sought after as a speaker at developer conferences and user groups, and has participated in many hackathons, POCs and developer workshops, many of which you can learn about on his web site.

Marc holds a bachelor of science degree in computer science from the University of Central Florida (UCF), and when he’s not knee deep in event-driven architecture he enjoys traveling and sports.

Tamimi Ahmad
Tamimi Ahmad

Tamimi enjoys educating people about and exploring innovative ways of integrating Solace technologies with emerging tools, technologies and techniques. With this focus in mind he’s helped Solace’s developer relations team run scores of virtual events for individual developers and partners alike, frequently presenting or facilitating tutorials and hands-on workshops.

Prior to Solace, Tamimi played a role at Qlik, a leading provider of business intelligence and data analytics solutions, and was an automation specialist for You.i TV which provides a platform for video streaming apps. His experience in those fields, combined with his event-driven architecture expertise, makes Tamimi highly sought after as a guest speaker on podcasts and – before COVID and hopefully soon again – in-person speaking engagements.

Tamimi enjoys all things tech, and has been actively supporting social entrepreneurship in the Ottawa-area tech community for over a decade. He currently serves as director of a non-profit called Connected Canadians that aims to reduce isolation amongst older adults by promoting digital literacy skills and providing technology training and support.

Tamimi holds a bachelor’s degree in communication engineering from Carleton University, and when he’s not immersed in technology he enjoys photography and DJing.

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