AsyncAPI today released version 2.3 of the open source specification, adding new flexibility and power to the leading event-driven architecture definition format. Two enhancements are of particular interest to users of Solace PubSub+ Platform:

  • AsyncAPI 2.3 more effectively captures event broker architectures, where multiple producers and consumers share the same topic. It does this by allowing servers and topics to be referenced by multiple different API definitions.
  • The core specification now includes Solace protocol bindings. Previously, developers could use MQTT bindings to connect to the PubSub+ Event Broker.  With the addition of the Solace binding, developers can now exploit the full power of the native Solace API.

AsyncAPI is an essential enabler of Solace PubSub+ Event Portal.  It allows event driven systems designed within Event Portal to be exported and used for code generation and exposed as event API products.

The release is the result of a massive amount of collaborative teamwork, with Dale Lane from IBM taking on an expanded role. Solace is a platinum sponsor of AsyncAPI, and several employees serve on its Technical Steering Committee. Next on AsyncAPI’s plate: version 3.0, which promises to further enhance enterprise features and address some usability concerns

Full details about version 2.3 can be found at:

Jesse Menning

As an architect in Solace’s Office of the CTO, Jesse helps organizations of all kinds design integration systems that take advantage of event-driven architecture and microservices to deliver amazing performance, robustness, and scalability. Prior to his tenure with Solace, Jesse was an independent consultant who helped companies design application infrastructure and middleware systems around IBM products like MQ, WebSphere, DataPower Gateway, Application Connect Enterprise and Transformation Extender.

Jesse holds a BA from Hope College and a masters from the University of Michigan, and has achieved certification with both Boomi and Mulesoft technologies. When he’s not designing the fastest, most robust, most scalable enterprise computing systems in the world, Jesse enjoys playing hockey, skiing and swimming.