I’m excited to share that my new CodeLab is available on the Solace Developers Codelabs page! In it, I walk through how to build, connect, and manage event-driven applications using PubSub+, JavaScript, MQTT, Postgres, and Prisma 2.0, as shown in this diagram:

Why would you want to build that?

Even though the CodeLab only walks through connecting one producer, one consumer, and one Postgres service, this architecture can easily scale both horizontally and/or vertically to meet enterprise grade requirements because everything is loosely coupled and event-driven!

Aaaaanddd… you can get up and running with a database-backed event-driven system for FREE, no credit card number required, using Solace and Heroku SaaS products. Free learning is the best kind of learning.

What will you learn?

Event-driven architecture: This CodeLab will teach you the basics of the Pub/Sub message exchange pattern and using a JavaScript MQTT client.

JavaScript: This CodeLab will teach you how to run two event-driven Node.js applications as well as how to use the highly anticipated Prisma 2.0 Client JS library. Prisma is an open-source database toolkit that makes type-safe database access easy with an auto-generated query builder, and it finally launched its Beta at the end of March. 🥳

Full-stack development skills: This CodeLab will teach you how to provision a Heroku Postgres managed service and how to administer it using the Docker-based browser version of pgadmin4. This CodeLab will also teach you how to establish connectivity between everything!

If you’re still reading, you should navigate over to my CodeLab and jump right into it!

P.S. The best acronym I could come up with for this set of technologies is JMPS pronounced “jumps.” If you’re an acronym wizard and come up with a better one, tweet it to me at @andrew_bytes!

Andrew Roberts

Andrew is a systems engineer at Solace.

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