We are thrilled to announce that PubSub+ Event Portal – the market’s first event management toolset – is now generally available!

If you’ve been following Solace lately or attended last week’s exciting live web launch, you know we’ve been focused on bringing to market a revolutionary new product called PubSub+ Event Portal. Based on the extremely positive feedback we’ve received from our early access users and webinar attendees, PubSub+ Event Portal is going to make it easier for enterprises to efficiently model events, govern them, and share them across their organization.

If the concept of an event portal is new to you, I encourage you to check out my previous blog Understanding the Concept of an Event Portal – An API Portal for Events. Otherwise, I’ve tried here to answer some of the most common questions we’ve been asked. If you’ve got more questions of your own, or want to see it in action, request a one-on-one demo!

What is PubSub+ Event Portal?

PubSub+ Event Portal is an event management toolset that adds design, governance, and runtime management capabilities to Solace PubSub+ Platform. Using it, enterprise architects and developers can work together to design, create, discover, share, catalog, visualize, secure, and manage events.

Do you need Solace PubSub+ Event Broker to benefit from it?

No. We designed PubSub+ Event Portal to work with all event brokers, not just our own, so enterprise architects and developers had access to the best tool to help their organizations embrace event-driven architecture.

Why should you use it?

Event-driven architecture promises better customer experiences, more efficient operations, and greater agility, but many enterprises are finding it hard to realize those benefits due to a lack of tools for developer productivity and governance. Until now, that is. PubSub+ Event Portal makes life easier for architects, developers, and data scientists because it provides a single tool for managing all of your events, applications, and schemas.

But don’t just take my word for it; here’s what one of our early access users said:

From what we’ve seen of the PubSub+ Event Portal, we believe this new product will speed up our transition to event-driven microservices as we modernize our architecture with low/no code solutions.
 – David Glenn, principal software engineer, Afni, Inc.

What can you do with PubSub+ Event Portal?

Here’s what you and your organization will be able to do when you start using PubSub+ Event Portal:

  • Define and model event-driven systems by organizing your systems into application domains, creating and/or importing payload schema definitions, creating events and designing each applications pub/sub interface.
  • Rapidly develop consistent event-driven applications by exporting AsyncAPI 2.0.0 specifications and using code generators to generate skeleton code.
  • Manage and audit changes to events, schemas and applications by rolling back to previous revisions, undoing accidental deletions, and keeping a record of all changes made.
  • Visually examine relationships between events and applications as they flow within or across application domains or organizations, so you can understand and optimize the choreography of events and microservices.
  • Browse and share events using a searchable catalog and create new applications by leveraging events from other teams.
  • Integrate with 3rd-party systems to execute programmatic interactions like bulk importing EDA models, integrating with CI/CD pipelines, and creating custom reports.
  • As a preview, you can also capture events flowing across your PubSub+ Event Brokers (Appliance, Software, and As a Service) and then visualize the event topic hierarchy being used.

I mentioned before that adopting EDA can be difficult, and that our product will make it easier for your team to drive this adoption forward. Stuart J. Swerdloff, a fellow at Elekta, had this to say after using PubSub+ Event Portal:

We strive to help radiation oncology clinicians focus on their patients. An event-driven architecture will allow us to integrate systems in a much more dynamic way that otherwise takes up the clinician’s attention and time. But we hadn’t found a tool in the market that allowed us to model our next generation architecture and communicate clearly about it internally. That’s why we’re excited that Solace is bringing to market PubSub+ Event Portal. We are convinced it will reduce the time it takes to design the next generation of integrated treatment delivery architecture. The Event Portal allows us to focus where it matters.

Where can you see PubSub+ Event Portal in action?

You can see PubSub+ Event Portal in action in our demo below, or you can request a one-on-one demo with one of our specialists. Try it FREE for 30 days by signing up for a new account. If you’re currently using your Standard Free Cloud Account, then click on the new PubSub+ Event Portal menu items to get started. If you’re using an Enterprise Cloud Account, contact your account representative to request access to trial Event Portal for a limited amount of time for free.

Be sure to let us know what you think!

Pubsub+ event portal demo
Sandra Thomson

Sandra Thomson is the Director of Product Marketing at Solace.