Solace has released version 1.0.0 of its Go client API for PubSub+ messaging applications. The API, formally called PubSub+ Messaging API for Go, is available on the Solace downloads page or through the Go get tool by typing go get

The Go programming language has been increasing in popularity for a while, especially in the cloud computing space because its developer-friendly nature makes it easy to write lightweight, maintainable, performant, and testable code. Many of our customers have adopted Go in their development stack, and expressed interest in having an API for Go to complement the other native API offerings we currently have, including C, Java, .Net/C#, JavaScript/NodeJS, and Python.

At Solace, we strive to help enterprises connect from a wide range of environments and platforms so they can share data amongst all areas of their business. The API makes it easy for developers to connect Go applications to the rest of their EDA ecosystem so they can publish and subscribe to events via Solace event brokers.

We have several resources to help you get started:

This initial release is very feature-rich, but we’ve got more features planned like session transactions, request/reply message exchange pattern, queue browsing, and support for PubSub+ Cache. We’ll announce new releases in the Solace Community, so join today if you want to know when new releases are coming, talk about the API with your peers, or let us know what you’d like to see us add to the API.

Murat Vuniqi
Murat Vuniqi

Murat is a Product Manger at Solace, working as part of the Core PLM team, with a strong focus on integrations and APIs. He brings a breadth of technical expertise gained through the many positions he has held in various technology companies. In his spare time, Murat enjoys playing soccer, watching F1, and playing the latest and greatest PC games.

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