In 2020, a lot of the world went virtual, and most of us are still working from home. At the same time, the pandemic was a “kick in the pants” that inspired a lot of businesses to migrate to the cloud, adopt new technologies to improve their customer experiences, and take big steps to improve their digital processes with real-time data.

That’s why we knew the time was right to gather the foremost experts on real-time data movement, digital transformation and event-driven architecture so they can share their knowledge with the world.

The pandemic has taught us a lot of things, one being that personal connection is precious. We know navigating a virtual conference can be overwhelming, so we’ve exhausting, and sometimes even boring. So the organizers of EDA Summit have put together a platform and a program that will hopefully give you a new, better experience.

Here’s some tips on how to get the most out of the event!

1. Pick the Right Track

Wherever you are in your EDA knowledge and journey, EDA Summit has a track that’ll get you to the next level. EDA experts from around the globe will share insights into the business and technical benefits of EDA, ways of overcoming implementation challenges, stories about how modern enterprises are using EDA to accelerate their digital transformation, and best practices for planning and managing event-driven journeys.

There are five tracks that will support you in your even-driven journey, no matter your experience level or where your company is at with their implementation:.

  • Technical Leadership Tracks 1 &2
    Discover how leading companies in Financial Services, Pharmaceutical, CPG, Communications and more are using EDA to underpin their digital transformations.
  • Architect & Practitioner Tracks 1 &2
    Take a deeper dive into the technical benefits of EDA and learn how to overcome implementation and scaling challenges.
  • Sponsor Solutions & Analyst Track
    Learn about the technology solutions and services that can help you implement, plan, and manage your event-driven journeys.

2. Build Your Personal Agenda

EDA Summit begins at 9am ET and ends at 6pm ET on Wednesday, May 19th and there are over 50 sessions to build your full agenda for the day. You can login to your personal EDA Summit portal now and use the EDA Summit schedule to build an agenda based on your unique interests.

The agenda builder lets you filter sessions by track and by tags so you can easily find what you’re looking for. You can also save sessions for quick access later by following them with a heart badge. Once you’ve built your agenda, add it to your calendar (Outlook, Office 365, Google, Apple, etc.) so you don’t miss anything!

3. Take Advantage of On-Demand Videos

What if you’re interested in two sessions that are happening at the same time? Or your kid need help with schoolwork during one of the sessions? All videos will be available on demand for 30 days after the event, so you can catch any sessions you missed.

4. Did Someone Say “Prizes”?

On May 19th, head to the “Game On” page to learn how you can earn points to win prizes like cool swag, books, gift cards, and more!

5. Networking

You may not be walking around exploring a new city or enjoying a beverage or seven with some new friends, but there are still ways you can meet and connect with people. EDA Summit will have a networking section where you can connect with other EDA enthusiasts via instant messenger, or phone, if they have included that option in their personal profile. Be sure to enter details in your own profile so others can connect with you too!

6. Participate in Q&As

EDA Summit speakers have a very unique perspective on the business and technical benefits of event-driven architecture. They also come from a variety of different industries with their own implementation challenges, so EDA Summit is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of their knowledge. From banking to retail to auto manufacturing, these experts from around the globe are eager to share their own insights and help others make the most of their EDA journeys. And then there’s also Commander Chris Hadfield, a man who has lived on the International Space Station, you’ll want to ask him some questions!

7. Follow Along and Engage on Social Media

The organizers will be live tweeting every session so you can keep track of what’s being presented even if you can’t attend every session you want to. Following @EDASummit and using #EDASummit to ask questions and engage with other folks who are following it is a fantastic way to round out your understanding of EDA and meet fellow EDA enthusiasts!

8. Have Fun, Move Around, and Stay Hydrated

Events – even virtual ones – can be exhausting. It’s easy to forget that you still need to get up and move once in a while instead of video after video (even if they are very, very interesting!). So remember to stand up and walk around between sessions, maybe even go grab a glass of water.

The organizers have done their best to make sure it’s easy to stay engaged during the event and between sessions, so have some fun and take advantage of activities like the photo booth, networking rooms, and exhibit hall.

Want to add a little workout to your EDA Summit experience? I dare you to do a push-up every time someone says “EDA” – that’ll keep your blood flowing!

Sarah Diguer
Content Marketing Manager

Sarah has honed her skill at breaking down complex topics into things that non-engineers and non-technical people can understand over the course of a career spent in the research and technology space for years, including a stint managing marketing for a company that built test facilities for gas turbine engines for the likes of Rolls-Royce and Pratt & Whitney.

With Solace Sarah has helped craft numerous articles and white papers about how event-driven architecture and microservices can help enterprises and government agencies improve operational efficiency, better serve their constituents and customers, and more through the Internet of Things, smart city and smart transport initiatives, supply chain modernization and more.

Sarah holds a bachelor of engineering (aerospace) degree from Carleton University. She is an avid painter, an average golfer, and a movie buff who enjoys watching and reviewing films of all eras and genres.