insurance-demo-imageA leading insurance company in Asia was expanding so quickly that they couldn’t quite keep up with the need to give agents in new countries the ability to set up, check on and modify insurance policies in the field. I knew that between our message routing capabilities and support for web/streaming protocols I could create a dashboard that made it easy for them to do that,  so I did!

Just two days after we met with them I sent them a simple interface that demonstrated exactly the dashboard they’d been dreaming of, built by one guy in a matter of hours using Solace and REST. It shows how agents can open customer accounts, file claims, and cross-sell/up-sell existing customers, all from their tablet.

From there, of course, we talked at length about how we’d tap into their data sources, morph the dashboard to meet the different needs of each country, and deal with their real-world volume and rapid scaling issues. Frankly, thanks to our ability to route millions of messages per second to hundreds of thousands of simultaneously connnected users, that was as easy as building the demo.

Want to check it out?

Easiest way to experience the demo is to try a hosted version running in AWS. Before you do that, you might want to read this walkthrough that explains what you’ll see and be able to do. If you find the demo interesting and want to run it locally, maybe even repurpose it for your own needs, I’ve shared the files and instructions you’ll need to run it in your own environment. Finally, if you want to learn what’s going on behind the scenes, here are some of the technical details.

Sumeet Koshal

As a key member of Solace's pre-sales team, Sumeet serves as a top technical expert with compelling business and technical cases as to why customer should invest in Solace hardware based messaging solutions. As a middleware solutions architect, Sumeet has excellent communication and people skills.