Here at Solace we are always thinking about APIs. Whether it’s publishing and subscribing to PubSub+ Event Broker with a variety of protocols or designing your event-driven system with PubSub+ Event Portal, everything is achievable through our APIs.

As a testament to that, we wanted to build a tool to bring these APIs together and help developers build EDAs more efficiently, so we created the IntelliJ IDEA Plugin for PubSub+ Mission Control. You can see it in action here:


IntelliJ IDEA is the leading Java and Kotlin IDE, designed to make development a more productive and enjoyable experience.

Although this is just one slice of our platform, there is no shortage of APIs to take advantage of: There’s the PubSub+ Cloud REST APIs for creating and managing PubSub+ Event Brokers in the cloud; the SEMPv2 APIs that help you manage details about the event broker’s configuration; and our Java PubSub+ Messaging API is one way to publish and subscribe to the PubSub+ Event Broker itself. By converging these APIs within a single plugin, we are bringing an array of powerful functionalities directly into your IntelliJ IDE.

To see how this plugin helps with developer workflows, let’s go through a beginner Codelab together without leaving our IDE:

The Codelab starts with creating an Event Broker Service:

Then publishing and subscribing with the Try Me:

The Codelab then asks you to create a queue and add topic subscriptions to that queue:

And then publishing messages to the topic the queue is subscribed to. The plugin also lets you view any queued messages:

The last step of the Codelab encourages you to enable message replay on your own. It’s not supported in the plugin today, but you can upvote the enhancement request if you would find it useful.

In closing, the Solace PubSub+ Mission Control IntelliJ Plugin helps improve your development workflow within IntelliJ. By incorporating a wider range of tasks—like creating Event Broker Services, publishing, subscribing, and now managing queues—directly within the plugin, it’s easier than ever to leverage the capabilities of Solace PubSub+ Platform.

Visit to get started and share your thoughts.

Julian Setiawan

I am a software architect with professional experience in building an "as a service" and enterprise networking applications and personal experience in any programming project I can get my hands on.

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