Introducing Architecture Diagram Icons

Example of an architecture diagram.

A big part of our developer relations team’s mission in life is making life easier for developers of event-driven systems, so I’m pleased to introduce a new set of icons that I hope will make it easier for architects, developers and dreamers looking to communicate and collaborate on their ideas for building event-driven systems and processes.

The library contains icons and assets designed to make it easy to create clear, compelling architecture diagrams that illustrate implementations of event-driven architecture (EDA), specifically those built with the products of Solace PubSub+ Platform, including our event broker, event platform and wide range of APIs and connectors.

Here’s the kinds of icons you’ll find:

  • Solace Logos and Products: Lots of event broker options, and logos for other products, with cards that can be used to provide details.
  • Events/Messages and Their Delivery: different kinds of messages, exchange patterns and queues.
  • Event Meshes: Icons and backgrounds for representing event meshes.
  • Integration: Solace messaging APIs and connectors, and supported open APIs and protocols.
  • Endpoints: Applications, computers and connected devices, vehicles and buildings.
  • Other Technologies: Commercial and open source applications, clouds, containers, middleware, observability tools, etc.

We’ve made these icons available as PNGs in a powerpoint, SVGs you can use in your favorite diagramming tools, and libraries.

Get the Icons Here!

If you design event-driven systems I hope you check it out, find it useful, and let us know what you think. If you’ve got questions or suggestions, please email our developer relations team at or weigh in over in our community forum.

Marc DiPasquale

Marc has been designing enterprise computing systems and developing event-driven applications throughout his career, with experience in the aviation, healthcare, and weather domains. He is knowledgeable with many tools of the EDA trade including Java, JMS, AsyncAPI and MQTT. He is especially adept with Spring technologies, and frequently works with the Spring engineering team to improve the experience for developers who want to build event-driven microservices with Spring Boot, Spring Cloud Stream and Spring Cloud Function.

Marc loves helping fellow developers “see the light” as EDA becomes increasingly mainstream. As a principal developer advocate for Solace, he helps current and prospective customers understand how EDA – specifically event mesh, event portal and event taxonomy – can help them realize their application modernization, cloud migration, and digital transformation objectives. He has published numerous articles, codelabs and tutorials about event-driven architecture, is sought after as a speaker at developer conferences and user groups, and has participated in many hackathons, POCs and developer workshops, many of which you can learn about on his web site.

Marc holds a bachelor of science degree in computer science from the University of Central Florida (UCF), and when he’s not knee deep in event-driven architecture he enjoys traveling and sports.