Thanks to its increasing popularity among developers, more and more things are happening in the Solace Developer Community every day and on a regular basis: new discussions, questions, comments, events, blog posts and tutorials, etc. As such, you may find it difficult to stay on top of what is happening. That is why I am creating a monthly highlight post!

As the name suggests, the monthly posts are not a full list of things that have happened in the community in a month but are focused on the major activities that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Now, onto the highlights for August:

New PubSub+ Features

Rootless Containers with Podman

Early this month, Paul Kondrat from Solace introduced in this post the new availability of rootless containers with Podman in PubSub+ 10.1. Podman is the default in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 and is gaining popularity quickly. As part of Solace’s full support for Podman, the ability enables developers to create container instances with their standard non-privileged accounts. Read the post to learn more about the feature.

The post also links to a getting started guide for those who are eager to create a rootless instance of PubSub+ on a Ubuntu host. There is also the link to the Solace documentation on rootless containers. If you have any questions about the feature for Paul, leave a comment on the post.

Five New Messaging Features

Late last month, Tamimi AlTamimi and Rey Riel from Solace held a demo and live coding event to introduce five new messaging features of PubSub+ Event Broker 10.0+. If you missed it, here are the links to the clips for each topic in the community this month so that you can go directly to the topic you are interested in:

  1. Copy One Message to an Endpoint
  2. Delete all messages in a queue
  3. Topic filtering with message replay
  4. Replay to temporary queue
  5. Outputting syslogs in JSON format

Watch the full video below:

Drop any comments you have into the community posts or on YouTube and someone from Solace will respond.

You Asked, We Answered!

In this section, I’ll review a few questions our community members asked this month that you may be interested in reading about.

  • Community member Test Testup uses solace-jms-spring-boot-starter and jmstemplate in Spring Boot to send messages to queue. However, he is not sure how to set the DMQ Eligible flag over jmstemplate. Robert Ottesen from Solace answered the question and provided an example of how to set all the properties via the JMS Template. Check it out!
  • Community member Piyush Laad wondered about sending Ack with multiple flows for his use case where a consumer is consuming messages from 2 queues and then the consumer will create 2 flows. He asked how to get flow instances or at least know which flow is used when the message was consumed. Ragnar Paulson from Solace outlined the ways to accomplish this. Take a look at his reply for detail.
  • Community member Piyush Poply recently asked 3 questions regarding Replay in PubSub+: (1) the significance of the REPLAY_TOPICs queue, (2) a Replay from a consumer side, and (3) the way to do Replay on non-exclusive endpoints without using SEMP Admin API. Andrew Mackenzie from Solace answered all these questions in detail in his comment in the community this month.

Take the Quiz

Community member rramakrishnan asked the question in the community “Does Solace have an inbuilt schema registry?” Do you know the answer? Read the original post and the reply from Solacian Tom Fairbairn to see if your answer is correct.

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