I have recently created a new integration guide for an Apache project called NiFi.  NiFi is an enterprise integration and dataflow automation tool that lets you send, receive, route, transform, echo and sort data. NiFi was drafted as part of the NSA’s duty to respond to foreign-intelligence requirements, so it anticipates and aims to support high volume, high availability and absolute security. The interface is very intuitive so even non-tech savvy people can design and understand NiFi data flows.

NiFi’s support for JMS is vendor neutral and broker services can be dynamically configured by specifying a few key properties such as Connection Factory Implementation, URL, Library path, and user credential. However, the NiFi JMS service provider can only instantiate connection factories by calling zero-argument constructors, which not all JMS brokers support. Most JMS brokers do, however, support JDNI stores, so you can drop in a JNDI connection provider while preserving the integrity, simplicity and neutrality of NiFI’s design.

This guide is for developers already familiar with the basics of both NiFi and JMS. It walks readers through a proven best-practices based method of obtaining, configuring, designing, deploying NiFi projects using Solace JMS.

Solace and NiFi share the goal of enabling fast, high-volume, secure data flow, and the NiFi data-flow orchestration tool is on the front line of Internet of Things technology, according to Hortonworks CTO Scott Gnau. I look forward to seeing how people incorporate NiFi into their Solace implementations, and vice versa, and hope this guide helps.

Check out the integration guide now!

Wayne Sang

Wayne has worked as a developer and architect in financial services. In his career, he has delivered many global solutions, i.e. global payments, global audits, global account masters, global electronic trade executions, global market data services, global market risks, and etc. He is a subject matter expert in price aggregation, risk firewall, trade analytics, smart order routing, HFT algos and etc. His expertise is in CEP, EDA, SOA, MOM, RDMS, HA, cloud computing, big data, and etc.