Today we’re announcing several exciting changes that make it easier for developers to get up and running with Solace messaging as they strive to achieve open data movement across applications, environments and protocols. Among these developments, we’re moving all of our Getting Started tutorials (and associated code) to GitHub, and open sourcing them so developers can customize, repurpose and improve them.

Moving to GitHub

Going forward all of our Getting Started developer tutorials will live in a new GitHub organization called Solace Samples. Each API and developer environment will have its own GitHub repository that includes a set of step-by-step tutorials with sample code to get developers going in whatever environment they’re working in, such as Java, JMS or Cloud Foundry. Those tutorials will also be accessible through, home to all kinds of resources including documentation, downloads and demos.

In each case, the projects make it easy to build the individual tutorials. In many cases it’s as easy as:


Where it’s not that easy yet, we’ll be working to get there ASAP. For example, we’re making our libraries available via public repositories like Maven Central, NuGet, and NPM. In any case, most of our tutorials are already in GitHub, and the rest will get there soon.

Open Source for the Solace Community

It’s important to note that all of these projects in Solace Samples are open source per the Apache 2 license. We hope this will encourage members of the Solace developer community to fork, clone and use the code in natural ways to create really compelling applications. Soon we will get to the point where if you have a suggestion on how to improve the code or the tutorial or both, you will be able to just open and issue and send us a pull request. Stay tuned for more details.


In summary, it’s the same helpful tutorials, but it should be a whole lot easier to get the code, try it out in your environment, and explore the projects in GitHub. Hopefully you like the change and happy coding!

Mark Spielman

Mark joined Solace in 2004 and currently works as a Senior Product Owner responsible for technical integration of partner’s products with PubSub+ Cloud. Prior to the his current position Mark held various other roles within Solace including Development Lead in the Professional Services team where he helped customers architect their applications and integrate the Solace products into their existing environments and as both a QA Project Lead and Software Designer in the Quality Assurance group helping guide feature development and ensuring new features surpassed customer’s expectations. Mark holds a B.A.Sc. in Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo.