Another month has flown by and we’re happy to report your favorite enterprise-grade messaging as a service has more goodies that make it more powerful and easier to use. Here’s a quick look at what’s available in May:

  • Enterprise developer service available in all three clouds
  • PubSub+ Cloud is now GA in Azure
  • Notification preferences
  • New PubSub+ Broker Version – 9.0.1

Let’s dive into each for a closer look.

Enterprise Developer service available in all three clouds

Your developers now have access to dedicated services for Enterprise Plans in all three clouds. Developers using these services can take advantage of the same full feature set as the larger-sized services, such as Dynamic Message Routing (DMR), client certificate authentication, and increased storage from 2 GB to 10 GB, as well as many other features beyond what was available in our former Nano services.

While the Enterprise Developer Service is now Beta, it is on track to be GA in the next month or two, when it will start to replace the Shared Developer services across the board. If you are working with a Shared service now, don’t worry, we’ll help you migrate to Dedicated Developer services at your convenience.

You’ll see the new Enterprise Developer service option when you create a new service.

Enterprise Developer service - Solace PubSub+ Cloud

Under the Manage tab, you’ll notice you have access to many more management functions that weren’t available in the past, such as changing authentication settings and adding new client certificates.

Manage tab - Solace PubSub+ Cloud

Because each service is dedicated rather than shared, IaaS resources have to be started for each, which means it will take a little longer to spin up new services. In addition, the shared developer service will now only be available in AWS; GCP will no longer be supported. Nevertheless, we’re sure you’ll find the dedicated services will be a much better resource as you build and test your applications as you prepare for production deployments.

PubSub+ Cloud is now GA in Azure

We’ve had a lot of customer interest in Azure deployments and we’re happy to say we’ve completed all the work required to support production services in Azure. Enterprise Kilo-class services at the 1K scale are now ready for you to use, with support for 10K and 100K tiers coming soon. You can start using these services by selecting Azure from the drop-down menu in the Create Service screen.

Create Service -- Solace PubSub+ Cloud

Today you can choose to create services in Virginia or Paris, with other regions available on request in North America, Europe and APAC.

You may notice PubSub+ Cloud instances hosted in AWS currently outperform instances hosted in Azure at high message rates. We are working to reduce this performance gap.

Notification preferences

You can now choose how you will receive news about PubSub+ Cloud, either through email or through the new Console notification feature. When you log in to the Console, you’ll notice a notification bell icon at the top right of the screen. In the below image, three new notifications are waiting for the user.

Notification preferences

Clicking on the bell icon will give you a preview of the unread notifications.

Unread notifications - Solcae PubSub+

You can jump to any of the notifications by clicking on it, or go to your inbox by selecting “See All”.

You have lots of options for how to manage your notifications from within the Notifications tab.

Notification preferences - Solace PubSub+ Cloud

When you click on Settings, the Console will display a list of Solace Cloud alerts and Solace messaging service alerts you can customize to suit your preferences.

Solace Cloud alerts and Solace messaging service alerts

Account Administrators have slightly fewer options about what they can unselect, but individual users can decide exactly how they receive PubSub+ notifications.

New PubSub+ Broker Version – 9.0.1

You can now use the 9.0.1 version of the broker in PubSub+ Cloud, which includes many improvements over the previously used version, 8.13. This includes security upgrades, such as the ability to downgrade TLS connections to plaintext, which enables client connections to use TLS/SSL encryption to protect the client’s credentials, but improves performance by leaving data transmitted after clients are authenticated and authorized unencrypted. You can now also use TLS and compression simultaneously.

Version 9.0.1 also includes upgrades to the PubSub+ Broker Manager, including making it much easier to create DMR links as you build an event mesh. More content on how to take advantage of the upgraded Manager functions will be posted to the PubSub+ Cloud learning portal shortly.

Any newly created service will use the updated version of the broker, free services will be automatically upgraded and we will work with individual customers to create a custom upgrade schedule for their services that meets their needs.

That’s it for this month; as always, I hope you like these changes. Stay tuned for more improvements coming soon!

Mark Spielman

Mark Spielman is a product leader with 15+ years of experience helping customers become event driven while building the products they need to become more successful. His current passion with Solace is making sure PubSub+ Cloud is the right choice for everyone looking to modernize their business and embrace event-driven transformation.

Throughout his career, he has had experience and interest in a wide range of topics including large-scale enterprise architecture, cloud platforms, developer engagement, SaaS, agile teams, cross-functional team building, operations and process improvements, product go-to-market, pricing strategies and data-driven product design.

Mark holds a B.A.Sc. in Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo and always enjoys learning new things.