Our congratulations to Suresh Babu Jaganathan, Product Line Lead – ERP Platforms Management at Roche, for winning a Digital Leadership Award for Digital Technology in the Ventana Research 2022 Digital Leadership Awards program.

As one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, Roche has taken various digital transformation initiatives to uphold their mission of putting patients at the center of everything they do.Ventana Research 15th Annual Digital Leadership Award Winner logo

With more than 1,000 strategic applications across the globe that needed to exchange data, Roche has taken an initiative to modernize their application integration strategy to be future fit, cloud-ready, agile, customer-centric, and be an enabler of faster business innovation – all while the IT organization was also undergoing a massive ERP migration.

Roche’s integration strategy is governed by the following characteristics:

  • API-led and Event-Driven – Supporting both REST-based and event-driven communications styles.
  • Composable Architecture – Each application must be able to be interconnected like Lego blocks with API and event interfaces.
  • Product Management discipline – All APIs and events must be managed as products using outside-in design principles.
  • Domain Driven – All APIs and events must be delivered by functional domain experts.
  • Digital Marketplace – All APIs and events must follow FAIR principles (findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable).
  • Self-Service Onboarding – Consuming (applications and developers) must be able to self-provision access to integration APIs and events without need from a centralized team.
  • Infrastructure delivered as a product – While a central team owns the integration middleware, it too should be treated and delivered as products to application teams.
  • Crowd-sourced innovation – Generate best practices from the wider community.
  • Federated Governance – While a centralized team establishes governance standards, enforcement is decentralized to domain delivery teams. 

This innovative strategy to bring together API-led and event-driven approaches to create a pluggable/composable integration framework and managed with a single “product mindset” has resulted in tremendous benefits to Roche.  

The application integration function has become an enabler of business innovation at Roche, allowing teams to bring capabilities to market up to 50% faster than they could previously.  

To read more about Suresh and Roche’s future fit strategy, you can read the Forrester report “Roche Drives Agility By Uniting Event-Driven Architecture And API-Led Integration As One

Solace congratulates our customer Roche and their Integration team for their well-deserved recognition.

Roger Sabourin

As the leader of Solace’s analyst relations program, Roger has leveraged his technical background and analyst relations experience to develop a solid technical understanding of event-driven architecture, event streaming and event management that he uses to help analysts understand the many ways EDA and events can enable, complement, and accelerate the latest trends in computing and technology.

After kicking off his career as a programmer and professional services consultant, Roger shifted his focus to analyst relations with business intelligence innovator Cognos and IBM’s Business Analytics and Global Business Services consulting division when IBM acquired them, and for 20 years now he’s been working alongside Gartner, Forrester, IDC and other analysts to help them understand his employers’ position in the enterprise IT landscape.

Married for 30 years, Roger is the proud father of 3 adult children and enjoys DIY projects around the house and spending quiet time at the lake.