Note: In September 2019, Pivotal changed the name of Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) to Pivotal Platform.

This is an exciting time for us, our friends at Pivotal and our user community as we take our next step on improving accessibility to Solace Open Data Movement technology. Today our Solace Messaging for PCF Tile is generally available as part of the Pivotal Network. The tile, which allows app developers to use Solace messaging in any Pivotal Cloud Foundry deployment, has been in Beta for several months. This release is ready for prime time, with enough features and fixes to support your favorite microservice or IoT use case.

The highlights of this release include:

  • High Availability: VMR HA is now provisioned for you in key plans to add robustness for your applications with the click of a button
  • More Plan Choices: We now have 5 distinct plans for developers to choose from depending on your needs – some on a shared VMR for development, some on your own dedicated VMR, with choices of performance/capacity and high availability.
  • Support for all the popular IaaS options where PCF is deployed as well IaaS layer IPSEC
  • Contains the latest release of the VMR (8.2.0) with all its cool features and performance improvements

Thanks to the PCF Tile format, Cloud Operators can follow the simple installation instructions and have Solace Messaging installed and available in just a few minutes using OpsManager. This makes it really easy to let developers evaluate how Solace Messaging can unlock your microservices.

You can learn all about the Solace PCF tile in the Pivotal partner docs site.

This is also a good time to point out a few other things we’ve been working on recently that will be of interest to PCF users and generally to developers building cloud native applications – all of which are available in SolaceLabs:

  • Are you a Spring app developer? Checkout how you can use Solace messaging using Spring Boot for Java and JMS or using Spring Cloud Connectors.
  • We also created a cool microservice demo using Spring Boot and Solace messaging that you might want to check out.
  • If you want to try out an app using Solace messaging in PCF but you don’t have your own full blown PCF environment, try it out using PCF Dev on your laptop as described here

Its been great working with the Pivotal team and our early adopters to get to this milestone and you can be sure there is a lot more to come!

Shawn McAllister
Shawn McAllister
Chief Technology Officer & Chief Product Officer

Shawn McAllister is responsible for the strategy and delivery of the Solace PubSub+ Event Streaming and Management Platform. He leads a team of incredibly talented engineers and architects in this endeavor Shawn has worked with many of our clients to help them adopt event-driven architecture and to learn first-hand their needs as input to the innovation built into the PubSub+ Platform. He has participated in the definition of various OASIS messaging protocol standards, including MQTT 3.1.1, MQTT 5.0, and AMQP1.0.

Before joining Solace, Shawn led software, hardware, and test engineering teams at Newbridge Networks (later Alcatel Canada), where he was responsible for developing features on ATM and Ethernet switches as well as the 7750 Multiservice IP Router. Shawn holds a Bachelor of Mathematics from the University of Waterloo, with majors in both Computer Science and Combinatorics/Optimization.