Today in New York our CEO Craig Betts co-keynoted the High Performance on Wall Street conference with Andy Bechtolsheim and a representative of Barclays Capital. The theme was something we talk about a lot at Solace: the convergence of middleware and the network. The need to effectively route an increasingly massive volume of data at high speed is defining competitive advantage in more and more situations. The only way we’ll ever address this trend is by making the intelligent routing of messages a robust and readily-accessible service of the network, just like the routing of IP packets. We can only shove so many servers into the increasing number of holes in the dike before the water pours through.

Craig talked about the 4 key business drivers of IT innovation today (the need for speed, the need to save, the desire to be more environmentally sensitive and the need to stay productive through M&A activity) and how they all lead down this path of convergence. Mr. Bechtolsheim dove a little deeper into the specifics of network architecture and operations to illustrate the point that raw computing power isn’t the way to crack this nut. Finally, Barclays Capitals’ head of middleware talked about the business value of consistent, predictable performance which drove them to select a (ok, our…) hardware-based middleware platform.

From business drivers, to nuts and bolts, to the bottom line, the presentation made it clear that the migration from old-fashioned software-based infrastructure to hardware is a fundamental corner we must turn.

Larry Neumann

From 2005 to 2017, Mr. Neumann was responsible for all aspects of strategic, corporate, product and vertical marketing. Before Solace, he held executive marketing positions with TIBCO and Oracle, and co-founded an internet software company called inCommon which was acquired by TIBCO. During his tenure at TIBCO, Mr. Neumann played a key role in planning company strategic direction relating to target markets and candidate acquisitions.