Oracle GoldenGate is Oracle’s flagship logical data replication product for Oracle and heterogeneous database environments. While it excels at data replication, when you combine the Oracle GoldenGate for Java adapter’s native JMS integration with Solace message routers, you can really unlock the full potential of your data.

Once the real-time events are on the Solace message routers, they can be delivered to a host of new applications like business intelligence applications, complex event processing engines, data grids, and more. Applications can be added on the fly by simply connecting to the Solace message routers and consuming the data stream. Once the data is on the Solace message routers, it’s easy to access.

Additionally, Oracle’s JMS Capture enables enterprise applications to use the enterprise message bus to persist information to the database, instead of directly performing database updates, decoupling these applications from the database updates and unlocking higher performance. And you can do all this while simplifying your existing distributed GoldenGate architectures.

This video describes and demonstrates how this works.

Solace message routers can also improve the performance and reach of Oracle GoldenGate to make real-time data synchronization across many databases easier and more efficient. If your Oracle GoldenGate infrastructure struggles to replicate your massive volume of data across the wide area network, then allowing Solace message routers to optimize and accelerate your WAN distribution offers another compelling reason to combine these two great products. This next video shows you when and how Solace message routers can help you improve wide area network performance.

Mark Spielman

Mark joined Solace in 2004 and currently works as a Senior Product Owner responsible for technical integration of partner’s products with PubSub+ Cloud. Prior to the his current position Mark held various other roles within Solace including Development Lead in the Professional Services team where he helped customers architect their applications and integrate the Solace products into their existing environments and as both a QA Project Lead and Software Designer in the Quality Assurance group helping guide feature development and ensuring new features surpassed customer’s expectations. Mark holds a B.A.Sc. in Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo.

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