Customer VPC deployments in AWS, better TLS certificate management, PubSub+ Cloud system status monitoring, and more.

Using PubSub+ Cloud keeps getting easier, and the feature set is growing by leaps and bounds. Here’s a quick overview of what’s new in November:

  • Customer VPC deployments in Amazon Web Services
  • Improved TLS certificate and authentication management
  • System status monitoring

Let’s take a closer look at each.

VPC deployments in Amazon Web Services

We are excited to now support deploying and managing PubSub+ brokers in your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). This really increases the flexibility of the centralized PubSub+ Cloud management console and enables enterprise customers to deploy their messaging services exactly where their applications are running. Contact us if you’d like more details or to enable this capability in your account.

VPC deployments in Amazon Web Services

Improved TLS Certificate Management

You can now control authentication settings and certificate authority configurations for your messaging services on your own. This feature is accessed by selecting the Management menu from the Console, then selecting the Authentication button.

System Status Monitoring

If you want to keep track of any upcoming maintenance, check on the status of any components of our system, or view the history of any incidents, PubSub+ Cloud system status is now available at
System Status Monitoring Page
The same information is also available within the Support tab.
System Status Monitoring within the Console
I hope you like these changes, stay tuned for more improvements coming soon!

Mark Spielman

Mark Spielman is a product leader with 15+ years of experience helping customers become event driven while building the products they need to become more successful. His current passion with Solace is making sure PubSub+ Cloud is the right choice for everyone looking to modernize their business and embrace event-driven transformation.

Throughout his career, he has had experience and interest in a wide range of topics including large-scale enterprise architecture, cloud platforms, developer engagement, SaaS, agile teams, cross-functional team building, operations and process improvements, product go-to-market, pricing strategies and data-driven product design.

Mark holds a B.A.Sc. in Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo and always enjoys learning new things.