Solace offers the best combination of performance, scalability and stability, which has allowed us to deliver the best possible trading experience to our customers.”


GBM uses a Solace-based Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to route a wide range of information between front, middle and back-office applications responsible for risk management, clearing, settlement and more. GBM views this ESB, which has been in production for more than two years with 100% uptime, as a messaging layer that serves their entire business. They are working on migrating additional systems such as co-location services and interbank electronic transfers to this common infrastructure.


GBM recently expanded its use of Solace messaging technology to improve the distribution of market data, trades and settlement information across their global business. GBM now uses Solace technology to stream market data from the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) and Mexican Derivatives Exchange (MexDer) to traders and trading engines so they can track market trends, identify opportunities and initiate trades. Solace is also used to efficiently route clearing and settlement information to Asigna, the BMV’s settlement house.