UK-based Kinseed’s SwiftCare is a suite of cloud-based tools designed to help healthcare providers improve the way they work with patients, data, and resources without the need for heavy coding or expensive consultancy fees. Solace was selected to underpin SwiftCare with the world-class real-time data distribution capabilities that are only possible with event-driven architecture (EDA).

Kinseed is using Solace’s event streaming and management solution, PubSub+ Platform, to improve and expand the real-time data distribution capabilities of their SwiftCare digital transformation suite.


Some early applications of PubSub+ Platform’s capabilities are MediConnect, which lets providers connect legacy clinical apparatus without expensive refits and equipment purchase; and MediView, which enables healthcare professionals to remotely monitor clinical instruments and devices.

One example of how SwiftCare improves patient outcomes is the Children’s Acute Transport Service (the CATS team), based at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in Central London. The CATS team, which transports sick children who are referred to or from critical care services around the United Kingdom, uses SwiftCare to let remote experts and consultants provide their valuable clinical expertise to patients in transit, supplying them with real-time data collected by devices in the ambulance. Since implementing SwiftCare, the CATS team has conducted over 3,000 remotely monitored journeys, each of which has seen improved patient safety and oversight while reducing handover times by 30-90 minutes.

Kinseed is working with some of the leading organizations around the world to make the most of their technology and liberate their data – using modern, cloud-first, sustainable technologies to connect people, processes and tools. 

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