As Qlik’s Cloud service has experienced a significant year-over-year growth, Qlik needed to optimize its event platform with a low latency solution. Qlik approached Solace and selected their PubSub+ Platform to meet its growing needs.


After a rigorous evaluation and proof of concept, Qlik selected PubSub+ Platform because it best met their performance criteria and they found it easy to deploy in a variety of environments. They purchased the software on a subscription basis from the AWS Marketplace, which provides financial benefits.


With PubSub+ Platform as part of their SaaS offering, Qlik can ensure a consistent, low-latency experience for their clients. Furthermore, migrating to PubSub+  will let them scale by an order of magnitude while still meeting their latency requirement.

Qlik provides advanced, enterprise-grade AI/ML and data management solutions to over 40,000 customers.

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