Spotex was founded in 2010 by FX industry veterans with the goal of providing a fast, unbiased and reliable FX exchange to serve the retail client base with the highest level of integrity and transparency. Spotex has selected Solace message routers to serve as the low latency messaging foundation of their foreign exchange (FX) electronic communications network (ECN). The Spotex ECN delivers fair, transparent FX trade matching that increases customer profitability by reducing response times and minimizing the difference between the prices at which orders are placed and filled, commonly called slippage. Solace message routers efficiently move information between trade participants and Spotex’s high-speed matching engine. Solace ensures high availability to avoid many types of possible failures, which is essential to the 24-hour nature of FX markets. The Spotex foreign exchange ECN has been operating since June 2014.
Solace offers a unique combination of operational simplicity and extreme low latency, allowing Spotex to build highly scalable and reliable solutions for our clients.