TP ICAP is the world’s largest interdealer broker; a global firm of professional intermediaries that plays a pivotal role in the world’s financial, energy and commodities markets. TP ICAP deployed Solace technology to upgrade their messaging infrastructure and implement a modern service-based trading architecture. TP ICAP chose Solace’s Virtual Message Router (now referred to as Solace PubSub+) and SolCache (now referred to as PubSub+ Cache) as together they uniquely support the wide variety of exchange patterns required as part of the company’s intermediary services, internal and external trade execution solutions, and data offerings. The solution enables the cost-effective fanout of information to large numbers of clients and systems. “Today’s dynamic marketplace demands agility like never before, and I applaud TP ICAP for both their bold business moves, and their service-driven infrastructure strategy,” said Craig Betts, CEO of Solace. “Solace will help TP ICAP scale capacity up and down as necessary and provide a fast, flexible foundation that lets them cost-effectively keep up with growing demand.” TP ICAP is implementing Solace as its global messaging and integration infrastructure in support of multiple lines of business and data services including fixed income, equities, energy, interest rates, commodities and market data distribution.
The size of our client base and breadth of our service offering have both grown significantly since TP ICAP was formed through Tullett Prebon’s acquisition of ICAP’s global brokering business in December. We believed that to continue providing exemplary service to our clients we needed to migrate to a service-based architecture, and knew we needed to upgrade our messaging infrastructure to support that change. Solace has exceeded all of our expectations. Matt Dobson Global Head of Technical Architecture