As Triton Digital builds on its leadership position in the traditional and online radio markets to serve television and print clients, provisioning, tracking and billing for services is becoming much more complicated. The ActiveMQ messaging software they relied on didn’t provide the reliability, flexibility or functionality they knew they’d need as they grew their business, nor did it meet their WAN distribution requirements.


Triton Digital uses Solace’s solution as the backbone of all inter-application messaging for functions including the real-time delivery of audio ads, continuous collection of client data usage metrics and coordination of mission-critical application events. Solace PubSub+ buffers data streams so applications can receive high-volume data at a rate they can handle without causing a backlog that impacts high-volume senders even over long-distance WAN links.


With Solace, Triton Digital has reduced application complexity which accelerates time-to-market for new services and improves reliability. Solace PubSub+ also guarantees the delivery of mission critical information to Triton’s business systems, which was not achievable with other messaging middleware solutions.

“By unifying local and long-distance data distribution with one API, Solace’s full-featured platform will also help us get new services to market more quickly by letting our developers focus on the business logic that differentiates us from our competitors, instead of coding ancillary messaging functionality into our applications.”

Triton Digital is the leading digital service provider to traditional and online radio with a rapidly expanding roster of media clients emerging from the television and print space.

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