Save events on Google Cloud Storage from PubSub+ event brokers by leveraging its enhanced REST Delivery Points (RDPs) to enable GCP data lakes to store and analyze your events as part of your event-driven architecture (EDA) journey.

In the 9.11 release of Solace’s PubSub+ event broker, the Broker can create REST connectors directly to Google Cloud Storage.  This is done through the creation of an RDP with the following configuration:

  • Create the RDP (create rest-delivery-point <name>)
  • Link to an existing client profile (client-profile <client profile name>)
  • Create the REST Consumer (create rest-consumer <name>)
  • Set the REST consumer to be designated as remote (remote)
  • Configure the REST Consumer Host (host <GCP Storage bucket dest-ip-addr or host DNS name>)
  • SSL on (ssl)
  • Authentication with OAuth JWT credentials with the oauth secret-key, token-endpoint, and claims as provided by your GCP administrator:
    • exit
    • authentication create oauth-jwt
    • secret-key <secret-key-value>
    • token-endpoint <token-endpoint-value>
    • claim <name> <value> (for each claim)
    • exit
    • exit
    • exit
  • Put at least one queue binding to a queue (create queue-binding <queue-name>) at the rest-delivery-point
  • Generate the post-request-target for the queue binding to Google Cloud Storage object naming for each of the events.  To determine an object name that changes for each event, you will need to use substitution expressions.  See the link below for more details
  • Enable request-target-evaluation for the queue binding must be set to substitution-expressions to ensure it is evaluated properly (request-target-evaluation substitution-expressions)
  • Activate the config from the rest-delivery-point, with the following:
    • rest-consumer no shutdown
    • no shutdown

Event enabling data lakes is an important aspect of PubSub+ Event Broker, fulfilling a complete event-driven architecture!

It is FREE to use, all you need is a valid PubSub+ Event Broker support plan and you are all set!

Provider: Solace
Endpoint Service
Google Cloud Storage
Connector Type
Connector Endpoint

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