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Welcome to the 2nd Office Hours of 2024!  For this episode, we’re going to be looking at how Mule developers can combine the power of Solace and the Event Portal to build event-driven Flows.

As MuleSoft integration architecture evolves to meet modern demands, events have become crucial counterparts to synchronous APIs. But in the past, adopting an architecture that blends events and APIs was difficult, because the tools and processes for events weren’t as mature as those for traditional APIs. That’s different–starting now! Combining the power of MuleSoft and Solace takes the familiar MuleSoft API-led lifecycle and developer friendly tooling and adapts it to event-led integration.

Tune into the livestream with Solace Developer Advocate Aaron Lee, where he will be joined by Jesse Menning, Principal Architect in the Office of the CTO at Solace, where they will explain:

  • Why should you adopt an architecture blending events and APIs?
  • Why should you adopt MuleSoft + Solace event-led integration lifecycle?
  • How does event-led lifecycle compare to an API-led lifecycle?
  • How does an event-led lifecycle make life easier developers and DevOps personnel?

As always, they’ll be taking questions live-on-air so tune into the livestream, or post your questions in advance on Solace Developer Community.

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