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As enterprises expand their use of Apache Kafka across teams, geographies, and use cases, they usually run into roadblocks related to stream reuse, topic sprawl, and managing brokers, clusters and consumer groups across environments.

In this webinar, guest speaker Forrester Senior Analyst David Mooter will give you insight into the most common challenges companies face when deploying Kafka across their enterprise, and what you can do to avoid or overcome them to make the most of your investment in Kafka. Solace’s Field CTO Jonathan Schabowsky will illustrate Mooter’s points with real-world examples of companies that have overcome these challenges with the company’s innovative event portal software. It mirrors the familiar functionality of API management tools and developer portals by enabling easy cataloging and discovery, lifecycle management, and self-service configuration of Kafka assets so you can manage your Kafka estate with visibility and control you didn’t know was possible.

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