APIs shouldn’t have to wait for synchronous data delivery.

Event-driven architecture is appealing to developers because asynchronous interactions between applications, connected devices and microservices eliminate the need to poll endpoints or wait for synchronous data delivery.

Event-enabling APIs is not easy.

  • How do you ensure that events are delivered to RESTful Web APIs in real time?
  • How do you ensure responsiveness even through bursts of event volume and user activity?
  • How do you guarantee the delivery of events in cases of application failures and network outages?
  • How do you secure events and information, both at rest and while in transit?

Together PubSub+ and Apigee enable event-driven API architectures

Apigee handles synchronous API management and analytics, and PubSub+ supports asynchronous communication and persistence through the publish-subscribe messaging pattern. Together, Apigee and PubSub+ give enterprises a flexible, out of the box solution for improving response times and agility, across the distributed enterprise.

Unique solutions

API enabled messaging

  • Blend request/reply and event delivery: REST APIs can interact with PubSub+ queues with simple REST requests, providing guaranteed delivery to queue consumers
  • Leverage topic and URL routing
  • Easily add new consumers to existing request patterns via Solace PubSub+ without re-coding services
  • Enable eavesdropping/wiretapping of requests made through Apigee without re-coding services
  • Protect backend services with burst absorption buffering
  • Exchange B2B events over open standard protocols and APIs like AMQP 1.0, MQTT, Websockets and JMS

How it Works

PubSub+ turns requests from your API system into events and efficiently delivers them to applications,
devices and microservices across your enterprise and around the world.

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