Together, F5 and PubSub+ can connect tens of millions of IoT devices, enterprise applications and user interfaces to ensure fast and reliable response times to/from devices and a great customer experience.

  • F5 improves the security, performance, and availability of applications, devices, servers, and data centers. All F5 products are programmable and easy to integrate into cloud, on-premises and hybrid cloud environments.
  • Solace dynamically routes events and information between applications, devices and user interfaces in real-time across hybrid cloud environments using open APIs and protocols like AMQP, JMS, MQTT, REST and WebSocket.

Daimler selected Solace to provide the technology that powers their “Mercedes me” app and associated services by streaming information between their vehicles and back-end applications.

They chose Solace to power MQTT and other communications because it is the only technology capable of not just collecting information from tens of millions of vehicles but sending vehicle-specific alerts and instructions to specific cars or groups of vehicles.

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Performance & Scalability

  • Tens of millions of concurrent connections between devices and applications
  • Rich rules enable complex business-logic based, load balancing
  • Very low latency, even across hybrid clouds and over WANs
  • Message buffering and burst handling ensure delivery to slow and temporarily disconnected consumers


  • Centralized authentication and TLS termination for simple management of millions of certificates
  • F5 BIG-IP can enforce MQTT connection properties with authenticated ID and other parameters to prevent MQTT-based DoS, even if devices are compromised
  • Dynamic access control lists (ACLs) can apply a single rule to millions of devices


  • Guaranteed delivery with zero data loss
  • Automatic HA failover leveraging client-based host lists or VIPs
  • Always-on monitoring
  • Lossless disaster recovery thanks to built-in replication over WAN

How it Works

The joint solution enables not just the collection and ingestion of high-volume data into big data systems, but the bidirectional communications that enable real-time command and control.

Sophisticated routing and device addressing let any application securely communicate with any device or group of devices even in environments that consist of tens of millions of connected devices.

Learn more about this partnership at the F5 Blog.

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