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The Tools to Become Event-Driven

Three services to help turn your event-driven vision into a reality​

Diffusion des événements​

PubSub+ Mission Control​

Enterprise-grade event streaming services in public clouds, virtual private clouds and on-premises, all cloud managed. Connect cloud-managed brokers to form hybrid cloud event mesh and dynamically share events enterprise wide.​

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Analyse des événements​

PubSub+ Insights​

Centralized, out-of-the-box, proactive monitoring for PubSub+ Event Broker to detect potential issues before they negatively affect your event broker services.​

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Event Management​

PubSub+ Event Portal​

A single place to design, create, catalog, visualize, discover, share, secure and manage all events within your ecosystem to help you build and deploy event-driven architecture faster. ​​

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Why PubSub+ Cloud

Centralized Management​

From a single pane of glass:​

  • Plan, build and deploy event-driven architecture​
  • Deploy messaging services in any environment​
  • Operate entire messaging estate​
  • Create event meshes​
  • Understand infrastructure health​

Peace of Mind​

  • 99.99% uptime​
  • High availability​
  • Multizone replication​
  • Industry-leading Service Level Agreement​
  • Focus on building event-driven applications and microservices​
  • Leave the engineering, deploying, upgrading, patching, and securing to the experts at Solace​
  • Robust documentation, onboarding and support to keep your deployment on track​

Security & Control​

  • Fully control where your data resides​
  • Exclusive control over:​
    • Encryption keys for data at rest​
    • Root Certificate for data in motion​
  • Log events reported to corporate monitoring systems​
  • Integration with corporate identity and access management systems​
  • Control of user accounts and permissions​
  • Users can be assigned and access multiple accounts for Dev and Prod​

Services financiers

Optimize Costs​

  • Pay-as-you-go, annual plans or a mix of the two​
  • Reduced time-to-value and maintenance costs due to orchestration available now and maintained by Solace​
  • Services continually cost-optimized by Solace​

Nous avons utilisé PubSub+ Cloud pour relier une entreprise mondiale de biens de consommation emballés à des centaines de fournisseurs externes, et ils s'échangent désormais des centaines de milliers d'événements chaque jour en toute fluidité. PubSub+ Cloud nous permet de mieux répondre aux besoins de nos clients.

Steve Wood Boomi

Steve Wood

Chief Product Officer, Dell Boomi

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