The Tools to Become Event-Driven

Three services to help turn your event-driven vision into a reality​

Diffusion des événements​

PubSub+ Mission Control​

Enterprise-grade event streaming services in public clouds, virtual private clouds and on-premises, all cloud managed. Connect cloud-managed brokers to form hybrid cloud event mesh and dynamically share events enterprise wide.​

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Analyse des événements​

PubSub+ Insights​

Centralized, out-of-the-box, proactive monitoring for PubSub+ Event Broker to detect potential issues before they negatively affect your event broker services.​

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Event Management​

PubSub+ Event Portal​

A single place to design, create, catalog, visualize, discover, share, secure and manage all events within your ecosystem to help you build and deploy event-driven architecture faster. ​​

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Why PubSub+ Cloud

Centralized Management​

From a single pane of glass:​

  • Plan, build and deploy event-driven architecture​
  • Deploy messaging services in any environment​
  • Operate entire messaging estate​
  • Create event meshes​
  • Understand infrastructure health​

Peace of Mind​

  • 99.99% uptime​
  • High availability​
  • Multizone replication​
  • Industry-leading Service Level Agreement​
  • Focus on building event-driven applications and microservices​
  • Leave the engineering, deploying, upgrading, patching, and securing to the experts at Solace​
  • Robust documentation, onboarding and support to keep your deployment on track​

Security & Control​

  • Fully control where your data resides​
  • Exclusive control over:​
    • Encryption keys for data at rest​
    • Root Certificate for data in motion​
  • Log events reported to corporate monitoring systems​
  • Integration with corporate identity and access management systems​
  • Control of user accounts and permissions​
  • Users can be assigned and access multiple accounts for Dev and Prod​

Services financiers

Optimize Costs​

  • Pay-as-you-go, annual plans or a mix of the two​
  • Reduced time-to-value and maintenance costs due to orchestration available now and maintained by Solace​
  • Services continually cost-optimized by Solace​

Nous avons utilisé PubSub+ Cloud pour relier une entreprise mondiale de biens de consommation emballés à des centaines de fournisseurs externes, et ils s'échangent désormais des centaines de milliers d'événements chaque jour en toute fluidité. PubSub+ Cloud nous permet de mieux répondre aux besoins de nos clients.

Steve Wood Boomi

Steve Wood

Chief Product Officer, Dell Boomi

Régions disponibles

Amérique du Nord

us-east-1 (N. Virginia)
us-east-2 (Ohio)
us-west-1 (N. California)
us-west-2 (Oregon)
ca-central-1 (Canada)

Amérique du Sud

sa-east-1 (São Paulo)


eu-central-1 (Frankfurt)
eu-west-1 (Ireland)
eu-west-2 (London)
eu-west-3 (Paris)


ap-northeast-1 (Tokyo)
ap-northeast-2 (Seoul)
ap-southeast-1 (Singapore)
ap-southeast-2 (Sydney)
ap-south-1 (Mumbai)

Amérique du Nord

us-east1 (Caroline du Sud)
us-east4 (Virginie du Nord)
us-west1 (Oregon)
us-west2 (Los Angeles)
us-central1 (Iowa)
northamerica-northeast1 (Montréal)

Amérique du Sud

southamerica-east1 (São Paulo)


europe-west1 (Belgique)
europe-west2 (Londres)
europe-west3 (Francfort)
europe-west4 (Pays-Bas)
europe-north1 (Finlande)


asia-east1 (Taïwan)
asia-northeast1 (Tokyo)
asia-south1 (Mumbai)
asia-southeast1 (Singapour)
australia-southeast1 (Sydney)

Amérique du Nord

USA Centre Nord (Illinois)
USA Est (Virginie)
USA Est 2 (Virginie)
USA Centre (Iowa)
USA Ouest (Californie)
USA Centre-Ouest (Wyoming)
États-Unis Ouest 2 (Washington)
USA Centre Sud (Texas)
Canada Est (ville de Québec)
Canada Centre (Toronto)
Brésil Sud (État de São Paulo)
Mexique Centre (État de Querétaro)


Europe Ouest (Pays-Bas)
Europe Nord (Irlande)
France Sud (Marseille)
France Centre (Paris)
Royaume-Uni Ouest (Cardiff)
Royaume-Uni Sud (Londres)
Allemagne Centre – souverain (Francfort)
Allemagne Nord-Est – souverain (Magdebourg)
Allemagne Centre-Ouest – public (Francfort)
Allemagne Nord – public (Berlin)
Suisse Ouest (Genève)
Suisse Nord (Zurich)
Norvège Ouest (Stavanger)
Norvège Est (Oslo)
Espagne Centre (Madrid)
Poland Central (Varsovie)
Italy North (Milan)


Southeast Asia (Singapore)
East Asia (Hong Kong)
Australia Southeast (Victoria)
Australia East (New South Wales)
Australia Central (Canberra)
Australia Central 2 (Canberra)
China North (Beijing) *
China North 2 (Beijing) *
China East (Shanghai) *
China East 2 (Shanghai) *
South India (Chennai)
Central India (Pune)
West India (Mumbai)
Japan West (Osaka)
Japan East (Tokyo, Saitama)
Korea South (Busan)
Korea Central (Seoul)
New Zealand North (Auckland)
* Customer Private Regions

Moyen-Orient et Afrique

Afrique du Sud Ouest (Le Cap)
Afrique du Sud Nord (Johannesburg)
Émirats arabes unis Nord (Dubaï)
Émirats arabes unis Centre (Abou Dhabi)
Israël Centre (Israël)
Qatar Centre (Doha)

Régions client privées disponibles à la demande.

Régions client privées disponibles à la demande.

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