Boomi Integration
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Provider: Boomi IPaaS
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Boomi Integration

Boomi is an industry-leading, cloud-native iPaaS that simplifies front-end data integration, orchestration and transformation so businesses can unify data and achieve initiatives faster. Solace’s event connector for Boomi makes it easy to implement asynchronous, event-driven integrations leveraging Solace’s event streaming and management platform through the Boomi UI.

At design time, developers can use this connector to import events from their Solace Event Catalog into Boomi (as Boomi Profile Elements). This eliminates the need to manually define events in Boomi, which will accelerate development and reduce errors.

At run time, developers can use the connector to plug Boomi integration processes into a Solace PubSub+ powered event mesh (a distributed pub-sub messaging fabric). This enables events to be streamed within and between Boomi Atoms, and among applications and services that are external to Boomi (data centers, public and private clouds, IoT etc.)

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