Event Driven Zinc Search Logging
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Event Driven Zinc Search Logging

This post demonstrates how you can easily and natively integrate logging into your event driven architecture using the up and coming Elastic Search replacement – Zinc Search – and the Solace PubSub+ Advanced Event Broker.

Zinc Search

Zinc Search is a search engine for doing full text search on documents. Its Open Sourace and built in Go Lang. It uses bluge – an open source indexing library. Its viewed as a lightweight replacement for ElasticSearch which is the dominant player in the document search category. It also aims to be a drop in replacement for Elastic Search by having Elastic Search compatible APIs for applications that want to migrate from Elastic to Zinc. You can find a good write up of a lot of the motivations for building out Zinc Search from the author’s blog.

Another interesting fact for Zinc Search is that it is currently the fast growing project on Github – showing that there is a significant demand/appetite for a replacement to Elastic that is simpler, lighterweight and easier to use.

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