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SAP Integration Suite

Solace PubSub+ Adapter for SAP Integration Suite

The Solace PubSub+ adapter enables Integration Flows in your SAP Integration Suite (IS) to connect to the Solace PubSub+ broker queues and topics. This allows you to integrate your SAP and non-SAP services with your Event Mesh using the capabilities of IS.
Use the Solace PubSub+ Sender adapter to receive messages from Solace PubSub+ broker. Use the Solace PubSub+ Receiver adapter to send messages to Solace PubSub+ broker.
The PubSub+ Adapter for SAP Integration Suite is deployed to your IS tenant by importing the adapter archive (ESA file) into a package via the Add -> Import Adapter action.
For SAP Advanced Event Mesh users, it is suggested that you use the Advanced Event Mesh (AEM) adapter provided by SAP to AEM customers. The feature set is the same across both this and the AEM adapter.

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Features & Use Cases


The current release version of the adapter (v1.0.0) has been tested to run successfully on the following IS assembly versions:

  • 6.x (camel v2.24.x)
  • 8.x (camel v3.14.x)



  • Consume Guaranteed (persistent) messages from a broker queue
    • Support for all queue types: Exclusive, Non-exclusive, and Partitioned queues
  • Consume Direct (non-persistent) messages using a Topic Subscription
  • Number of Parallel Consumers
  • Choice of Acknowledgement Mode
    • Immediate after message received
    • After successful completion of the message exchange
  • Adapter-level message retry properties
    • Initial delay until 2nd attempt
    • max attempts
    • exponential interval multiplier
    • support for REJECTED or FAILED outcomes for negative acknowledgements after delivery attempts exhausted


  • Publish Guaranteed (persistent) messages to a Topic (recommended) or Queue
  • Publish Direct (non-persistent) messages to a Topic
  • Destination can be dynamically set at runtime via header or property expression
  • Support for multiple message payload types: Text, Byte, Map message types
  • Turn a publish into a request/reply “Requestor” that send a message to the Destination, sets ReplyToAddress and CorrelationID, and synchronously waits for a response
  • Set User Properties on outgoing message
  • Set SMF message properties such as Priority, DMQ Eligible, and CorrelationId on outgoing message

Connection with PubSub+ Event Broker:

  • Connect to any broker
  • Support for various authentication modes:
    • Basic
    • Client Certificate
    • OAuth2
  • Support for setting less common connection properties

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