SAP S4/HANA On-Premise
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Provider: ASAPIO Cloud Integrator
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SAP S4/HANA On-Premise

Event-enable your SAP data and move it across your enterprise in real-time with Solace PubSub+ and ASAPIO Cloud Integrator

Together, Solace and ASAPIO enable real-time, event-driven communication between SAP and non-SAP apps, old and new, and within and across environments.

ASAPIO Cloud Integrator uses SAP “change pointers” to extract events from the SAP system as they occur publish them to Solace PubSub+ (anything that SAP change pointers support can be emitted as events by ECC, including master data events, PLM updates, delivery notifications, order notifications, work orders).

ASAPIO Cloud Integrator is topic aware and publishes events to PubSub+ using MQTT and/or REST/HTTP, from where it can be streamed throughout the rest of your enterprise.

Solace is an ASAPIO Reseller Partner

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