Together, Solace and ASAPIO enable real-time, event-driven communication between SAP and non-SAP apps, old and new, and within and across environments.

Solace and ASAPIO Diagram

Use Cases/Solutions

Liberate and event-enable data

ASAPIO Cloud Integrator uses SAP “change pointers” to extract events from the SAP system as they occur publish them to Solace PubSub+ (anything that SAP change pointers support can be emitted as events by ECC, including master data events, PLM updates, delivery notifications, order notifications, work orders).

ASAPIO Cloud Integrator is topic aware and publishes events to PubSub+ using MQTT and/or REST/HTTP, from where it can be streamed throughout the rest of your enterprise.

Migrate applications

Because PubSub+ integrates with your old and new applications, architectures and technologies,
you can modernize your applications and architecture piece by piece and at your own pace.

Because the mesh is dynamic, it’s easy to have applications move, leave, and re-join the mesh as routing topics auto follow the applications.

Integrate IoT

PubSub+ connects with edge gateways and IoT platforms, cloud services and data centers, enabling event streaming from devices and factories to cloud services and back-end systems, and command and control of IoT devices by back-end systems.

Stream events

PubSub+ Event Broker can be deployed natively on premises, in private clouds, and in public clouds (AWS, Azure, GCP), and connected to form a dynamic event mesh that quickly, reliably and securely streams events from where they occur to where they need to be.

A PubSub+ powered event mesh plugs easily into SAP Cloud Platform, enabling performant and reliable event streaming to and through the platform as a service.

In addition to ASAPIO, PubSub+ Event Broker integrates easily with legacy ESBs (TIBCO Business Works/EMS and IBM WebSphere/MQ) and integration platforms as a service (Dell Boomi and MuleSoft), so a PubSub+ powered event mesh can be the event streaming layer for all your integration technologies.

APIs & Protocols

Enable data-as-a-service across LOBs

Deploying PubSub+ Event Broker in different LOBs and connecting them to create an event mesh can enable on-demand access to data and events produced by any application in your distributed enterprise.

Why PubSub+ Event Broker?

  • Event brokers can be connected to create an event mesh that spans environments and regions (uniformity in technology across cloud, software, and appliance versions of the broker).
  • Dynamic event streaming moves events from origin to destinations via the most efficient route possible.
  • Supports multiple patterns (publish-subscribe, queuing, streaming, request-reply), and open standard protocols and APIs (JMS, AMQP, MQTT, REST/HTTP, WebSocket).
  • Enterprise-grade performance, reliability, scalability and security.
  • Centralized management and governance.

Why ASAPIO Cloud Integrator?

  • Runs embedded on SAP systems and retrieves data natively (vs. an iPaaS with connectors that can only access what is exposed by APIs).
  • Native triggers push events to PubSub+ Event Broker/event mesh in real-time, with minimal system load.
  • Massive data pushes via multi-threaded channels (vs. many individual pull requests via REST).
  • Aggregated data replication with low system performance requirements; only trigger a communication if there is something to be distributed.
  • Security, logging and application management is maintained by the underlying SAP system. No separate server required.
Webinar: How to create an Event-Driven Architecture for SAP Data with Solace + ASAPIO


Global CPG

Streaming Material Master and PLM Events to Downstream Apps

A global CPG is integrating its globally distributed IT and OT and moving from a batch-based system of communication to a real-time, event-driven system. They are using Solace PubSub+ to create an event mesh that connects to and underlies their diverse integration technologies — on-premises (SAP PI, MQ) and cloud-based (MuleSoft, Boomi) — so events can flow in real-time across their SAP and non-SAP systems. Migrating to S/4HANA, ECC is still a key source of events (Material Master, PLM updates to name a few), and they want to push these events in real-time to interested downstream consumers. ASAPIO can unlock these events and stream them to the event mesh, where downstream consumers can subscribe to the events of interest.

Global Pharma and Healthcare Leader

Improving New Employee Onboarding

A global pharma and healthcare leader wants to provide a better employee onboarding experience while reducing the number of people needed to support the process. They are using ASAPIO to stream events from SAP ECC to PubSub+ enabled event mesh where it is fanned out into Salesforce, Workday and cloud data lakes, to streamline, automate, and make the entire process event-driven.

Top Aircraft Manufacturer

Improving and Speeding up Factory Floor Quality Management

A top aircraft manufacturer wants to increase the speed of its quality issues investigations to reduce delays in assembly processes and build planes faster. They are using ASAPIO to listen for ‘Quality Notifications’ in the ECC Quality Management System and to push them in real-time to a PubSub+ powered event mesh. There, they are streamed to multiple dashboards, analytics engines, and insights applications so they can be actioned immediately and the results can be communicated back to the Production Line Management System (PLM) without delay.

World Leader in Elevator and Escalator Manufacturing, Maintenance and Modernization

Rolling out “Internet of Elevators”

A world leader in elevators and escalators is rolling out the “internet of elevators and escalators,” which is powered by a PubSub+ enabled event mesh. The event mesh will enable IoT events to flow to and from elevators and escalators in various countries (including a large number in China), as well as to cloud applications and the company’s data centers, where their core ERP is SAP. They’re using ASAPIO to stream events from their on-premises SAP ERP to an event mesh powered by PubSub+.

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