CALCNODE Centralizes Computation of Excel Spreadsheets for Superior Compliance and Speed

FRANKFURT and OTTAWA , October 18, 2011BCC Group International, a German financial services solutions company, has developed a solution called CALCNODE that transparently calculates complex Microsoft Excel workbooks on high-performance servers, with Solace’s high-speed middleware appliances enabling the real-time flow of data between user desktops and the HPC environment. Centralizing computation gives financial institutions confidence and assured compliance while accelerating performance and maintaining a familiar interface experience for end-users.

By combining Solace’s ultra-high performance messaging appliance with BCC’s innovative software and market data expertise, the solution feeds any mix of third-party market data into custom calculation and compliance models, dramatically increasing their performance. Each spreadsheet connected to CALCNODE can handle more than 2, 500 contributions per second. The CALCNODE back-end service can process 400, 000 contributions per second across all users while limiting access to authorized parties and logging all calculations and changes for compliance purposes.

“Performance is always top of mind for most capital markets organizations, but compliance is becoming critical as regulation increases, ” said Dave Clare, regional vice president, EMEA at Solace Systems. “Through our partnership BCC Group is able to offer the best of both worlds to people who use Excel for business critical calculations that need to execute as fast as possible.”

CALCNODE is an official Thomson Reuters Partner Solution Program product and can be found on the Reuters application directory at

“We are very excited to leverage the performance of Solace’s messaging appliance to take Microsoft Excel performance way beyond what was previously possible, ” said Mauricio González Evans, CEO at BCC Group, “Capital markets organisations will no longer need to recreate Excel spreadsheets as coded applications to achieve speed and compliance.”

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