The PubSub+ Platform enables real-time customer interactions and business decisions

Denver, Colorado – March 9, 2020 – Bits In Glass, an award-winning software consulting firm serving clients across North America, is pleased to announce that it’s welcomed Solace and its PubSub+ Platform to its range of offerings for clients. The platform helps enterprises adopt event-driven architecture and react to customers, partners, competitors, and changing market forces in real time.

The PubSub+ Platform makes it easy to provide data as a service, bring IT and OT (operational technology) together, and enhance competitiveness by breaking down data silos and enabling enterprises to gather, analyze and react to information in real time.

Key elements of the platform include: an industry-leading event broker, which can connect to any application or service, regardless of location or protocol; and, an event portal, which allows developers and architects to design, create, discover, share, visualize, secure, and manage all events within an enterprise ecosystem regardless of the underlying infrastructure.

“Many of our clients want to use real-time data to make better business decisions, but they don’t have the know-how, technology, or tooling in place to make it happen,” says Patrick Golec, Bits In Glass Partner and Practice Lead. “We’re very pleased to be able to offer Solace’s platform to our clients to make the transition to real-time faster and simpler.”

Industries like manufacturing can take advantage of the PubSub+ Platform to use real-time data to better understand customer demand, update supply chains, and adjust marketing campaigns. Federal and provincial or state governments are using PubSub+ to securely share data between multiple departments and agencies.

“We’re very happy to partner with Bits in Glass,” says Paul Fitzpatrick, Chief Business Development Officer at Solace. “They understand the importance of real-time event distribution and have a well-established track record of successfully delivering IT transformational projects to their impressive roster of enterprise clients, making them an ideal fit for Solace and our PubSub+ Platform.”

Solace is an exciting new addition to the company’s line-up of technology partnerships. Bits In Glass is also trusted partners with Appian for business process management, MuleSoft for systems integration, and Blue Prism for robotic process automation.


About Bits In Glass
Bits In Glass is an award-winning software consulting firm that helps companies outpace the competition, drive rapid growth, and deliver superior customer value through the use of technology. Our expert consultants find the most innovative solutions to solve complex business challenges across multiple industries and verticals. With hundreds of years of in-house experience, we’re the partner of choice for many business transformation projects, working with market leaders who are disrupting and driving transformation across every aspect of modern business. Learn more at

About Solace
Solace helps large enterprises become modern and real-time by giving them everything they need to make their business operations and customer interactions event-driven. With PubSub+, the market’s first and only event management platform, the company provides a comprehensive way to create, document, discover and stream events from where they are produced to where they need to be consumed – securely, reliably, quickly, and guaranteed. Behind Solace technology is the world’s leading group of data movement experts, with nearly 20 years of experience helping global enterprises solve some of the most demanding challenges in a variety of industries – from capital markets, retail, and gaming to space, aviation, and automotive. Established enterprises such as SAP, Barclays and the Royal Bank of Canada, multinational automobile manufacturers such as Renault and Groupe PSA, and industry disruptors such as Jio use Solace’s advanced event broker technologies to modernize legacy applications, deploy modern microservices, and build an event mesh to support their hybrid cloud, multi-cloud and IoT architectures. Learn more at

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