High-Performance Multi-Tenant Messaging Infrastructure Enables Delivery of FIX Connectivity as a Cost-Effective Managed Service

Ottawa, Ontario, July 24, 2013 Solace Systems, the leading provider of high-performance messaging appliances, announced today that Connectivity in a Box is using Solace market-leading messaging middleware appliances to power its next-generation FIX connectivity service.

FIX connectivity has historically been provided by brokerage services firms, effectively locking traders in and subjecting them to the limitations and high-costs of that brokerage’s connectivity solution. Connectivity in a Box offers a hosted FIX connectivity service that makes it easier and less expensive for buy side and sell side firms to connect.

“The financial services industry is evolving rapidly, and market participants want to lower costs while improving market access, ” said Eric Greenspan, CEO of Connectivity in a Box. “Our mission is to provide highly reliable and predictable connectivity as a fully managed service for market participants on the buy side and the sell side, as well as for providers of value-added market services.”

Connectivity in a Box turned to Solace Systems for the messaging layer of their infrastructure because Solace appliances give them a turnkey, high-performance infrastructure that offers high-availability, sophisticated management and monitoring, and elastic scalability so they can keep up with traffic spikes and growing customer demand.

“In many ways, Solace does for us what we do for our customers – eliminates the need to worry about the infrastructure as we deploy our unique services, ” said Greenspan. “We looked at many options and Solace appliances offered the easiest operation, most predictable performance and lowest TCO. Their unique virtualization capabilities also enable the secure multi-tenant operation that is key to cost-effectively meeting the needs of a wide range of customers.”

“Connectivity in a Box’s innovative new approach appeals to market participants interested in lowering costs while improving performance, ” said Craig Betts, CEO of Solace Systems. “We are pleased to be working with them on advancing the state of the art of high-speed market connectivity services.”

The Connectivity in a Box service is available now. More information is available at http://www.connectivityinabox.com.


About Connectivity in a Box
CIB was formed in early 2012 by a team of technologists responsible for bringing several large Wall Street entities to the forefront of banking’s client connectivity technology. CIB’s core competencies span all facets of FIX-based client adoption, including development, implementation and operations.