Fluent has Accelerated and Simplified their Infrastructure by using Solace’s Unified Messaging Platform to Stream Data to Trading Algorithms, Front- and Back-Office Systems, and Traders via Web and Mobile Applications

Ottawa, Ontario, July 17, 2013 Solace Systems and Fluent Trade Technologies announced today that Fluent is using Solace’s messaging middleware appliances as the data distribution backbone of their global, innovative, automated trading network/cloud and brokering services. Fluent combines state-of-the-art technologies with their own expertise in multi-asset class feed handlers, market data distribution, big data processing and warehousing, trading infrastructure and risk management to reduce the cost, complexity and risk of participating in capital markets.

By incorporating Solace’s messaging middleware into their trading system, Fluent has created an extremely scalable one-box solution that’s fully redundant for high availability. This platform lets them offer their clients fast, reliable trading-related services that they can easily customize to implement even the most complex trading strategies.

“Solace has enabled us to focus on developing the most client-centric trading and brokering system in the industry, ” said Joel Steinmetz, COO, Fluent Trade Technologies. “With Solace, we can offer best-in-class performance and reliability, and tailor our service to the unique needs of each client.”

Fluent uses Solace to efficiently distribute trading information to front- and back-office systems, to big data warehouses that let clients run complex queries, and to users of web-based client applications.

“The buy-side is undergoing some exciting changes with technology leaders like Fluent making world-class trading infrastructure an off-the-shelf experience, ” said Craig Betts, CEO, Solace Systems. “We’re pleased to be helping Fluent deliver these leading-edge services to their clients.”


About Fluent Trade Technologies
Established in 2009, Fluent Trade Technologies proprietary ultra-low latency design delivers an end-to-end, turn-key solution for automated trading systems and brokers. Our customers transact billions of dollars daily through our ecosystem, leveraging our experience and expertise in data processing, trading, large database warehousing, data distribution, monitoring, and risk management. Designed for ultra-low latency, Fluent Trade Technologies delivers a unified solution for all your technology needs, enabling you to focus on designing and enhancing your algorithms.