Enhanced capabilities power intelligent, reliable routing of events across global, hybrid cloud and IoT environments resulting in improved customer experiences

OTTAWA, Nov. 29, 2018 – Solace announced today the launch of enhanced data distribution capabilities that allow a network of its interconnected PubSub+ advanced event brokers to act as an event mesh. The company has improved its unique ability to establish real-time streams of events between globally distributed applications and devices with product developments, including dynamic message routing (DMR), message replay, and sophisticated integrations with Apache Kafka, Amazon Web Services and Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

“An event mesh is an architectural layer that reliably routes events between applications and devices, regardless of where they’re deployed, using any API, exchange pattern or communications protocol,” said Denis King, Solace COO. “Event meshes help companies improve situational awareness and corporate agility as they deploy increasingly complex applications and devices on-premises, in the cloud, and across Internet of Things environments.”

As Gartner noted: “The strategic role of event-driven computing in digital business, that strives for continuous awareness, intelligence and agility, creates a demand for event broker technology that is designed specifically for event-driven use cases.1

An event mesh is self-learning and capable of dynamically routing events between producer and consumer applications, wherever they run, via the most efficient path. This routing can include the guaranteed delivery of data between enterprise applications as part of business processes, the aggregation of sensor readings from millions of IoT devices, or the simultaneous fan-out of alerts to hundreds of thousands of mobile devices.

The partnership between Solace and Dell Boomi delivers an event-driven integration platform as a service (iPaaS) for hybrid and multi-cloud environments, and has helped enterprises realize the power and potential of event-based architectures. “With Solace, we’re getting positive feedback from companies that plan to integrate applications supported by a real-time eventing and messaging backbone. Now with event mesh support, this will help our joint customers elevate their digital transformation journey in order to be competitive,” said Michael J. Morton, Boomi’s Chief Technology Officer.

Recent enhancements to Solace’s PubSub+ event broker technology include:

  • DMR is a new self-learning mechanism that automatically distributes subscriptions and events between PubSub+ event brokers. DMR enables an event mesh by seamlessly linking PubSub+ event brokers within or between environments.
  • Message replay functionality allows any application connected to the event mesh to receive messages that were sent and delivered days, weeks or months earlier from any message-VPN configured for replay. Message replay can be used to recover from database crashes as well as to test the functionality and subscriptions of new applications with real-world data.
  • New Kafka connectors make it easy to get events flowing between Kafka clusters and a Solace-enabled event mesh. With Source and Sink connectors, Solace PubSub+ can complement Kafka’s log aggregation capabilities by streaming events across hybrid cloud and IoT environments.
  • New AWS CloudFormation templates make it easy to stream events into and out of Amazon Web Services offerings such as SQS, SNS, Kinesis, Lambda and S3. The open source templates allow developers to set up streaming between AWS and other technologies without coding or maintaining bridges.
  • New PCF Spring Cloud Stream Binder lets developers easily link Stream frameworks with PubSub+ to create sophisticated event-driven microservices without having to deal with the underlying messaging technology that manages the event-driven distribution of data.
  • New PCF tile (2.2) enables key Solace features, including DMR and disaster recovery, ensuring developers working within Pivotal Cloud Foundry have access to the most robust and scalable event brokers and can extend their applications into an event mesh across environments.
  • Monitoring and management enhancements will help enterprises more easily optimize the availability, performance and security of their event mesh using a consolidated, cloud-based administration framework.

A Solace-enabled event mesh is in active deployment with organizations such as RBC Capital Markets, which demonstrated last month at the Gartner Symposium the critical role of PubSub+ in its successful digital transformation.

“Event distribution throughout the enterprise cannot happen in a vacuum,” said Holger Mueller, VP and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research. “An ‘event mesh’ can become a unifying service allowing next-generation applications to dynamically exchange data in real-time, regardless of how those applications were deployed.”

What other analysts are saying:

“Our IoT Benchmark Research shows organizations face many challenges processing events including more than half (53%) deploying new protocols within two years and nearly a third (31%) citing difficulty managing external data sources,” said David Menninger, SVP & Research Director at Ventana Research. “Implementing an event mesh with a product such as Solace PubSub+ with dynamic message routing and support for a wide variety of APIs and protocols can help solve these integration issues.”

“Solace is crafting a multi-protocol, multi-purpose, multi-cloud integration environment it calls an ‘event mesh’ that can potentially negate the need for other integration services and gateways,” said Carl Lehmann, Principal Analyst: enterprise architecture, integration and process management, at 451 Research.

For more information on Solace’s product enhancements and innovative event mesh technology, visit solace.com/event-mesh.


About Solace

Solace provides the only unified advanced event broker technology that supports publish/subscribe, queueing, request/reply and streaming using open APIs and protocols across hybrid cloud and IoT environments. The company’s smart data movement technologies rapidly and reliably route information between applications, devices and people across clouds. Established enterprises such as SAP, Barclays and the Royal Bank of Canada as well as high-growth companies such as VoiceBase and Jio use Solace to modernize legacy applications and successfully pursue analytics, hybrid cloud and IoT strategies. Learn more at https://solace.com.

Press contact for Solace:

Lori Niquette
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1 Source: Gartner “Innovation Insight for Event Brokers,” 31 July 2018, Refreshed 5 October 2018, Yefim Natis, Keith Guttridge, Nick Heudecker, Paul Vincent