New Solace Kafka-compliant connectors extend Solace to Kafka clusters for IoT and hybrid cloud use cases

Ottawa, Ont., Oct. 16, 2018 – Solace announced today two new Kafka-compliant connectors that make it easy to get information and events flowing between Kafka clusters and a Solace federated event mesh: Solace Source Kafka Connector and Solace Sink Kafka Connector. Kafka excels at log data aggregation, and Solace PubSub+ complements Kafka by adding a dynamic event mesh that extends event distribution and routing throughout the entire enterprise, whether on-premise or in private and public clouds.

“Solace Kafka Source and Sink Connectors let developers integrate Kafka clusters at the edge of the Solace event mesh and take advantage of the low-touch intelligent routing, WAN optimization and multi-protocol support of Solace PubSub+,” said Denis King, Solace’s chief operating officer. “With Solace in the mix, you can easily connect your Kafka clusters to a global network of mutually-aware event brokers that dynamically route events to applications and IoT devices no matter where they’re deployed, what API they use or which broker they are connected to – via one Solace source connector.”

The Solace Source Kafka Connector uses the Kafka Connect API to consume Solace queue or topic events and stream them to a Kafka topic. The Solace Sink Kafka Connector uses the Kafka Connect API to consume Kafka topic records and stream the data events to Solace PubSub+ event brokers as a topic and/or queue data event.

There are two main use cases for the Solace Kafka Connectors:

  1. Connecting Kafka clusters to a Solace event mesh to extend enterprise reach to applications and information sources that are hosted across hybrid cloud environments and around the world.
  2. Connecting Kafka clusters to a Solace event mesh, using Solace MQTT to terminate millions of discrete IoT connections. Solace provides the device connectivity, security, bi-directional communication and enterprise integration into JMS and AMQP applications where Kafka provides the streaming into big data and analytic environments.

Beta versions of the Solace Kafka source and sink connectors are available now, for free, on GitHub.
You can learn more or download them today at or


About Solace

Solace is the only unified advanced event broker that supports publish/subscribe, queueing, request/reply and streaming using open APIs and protocols across hybrid cloud and IoT environments. The company’s smart data movement technologies rapidly and reliably route information between applications, devices and people across clouds. Established enterprises such as SAP, Barclays and American Express as well as high-growth companies such as VoiceBase and Jio use Solace to modernize legacy applications and successfully pursue analytics, hybrid cloud and Internet of Things strategies. Learn more at

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