Solace’s Unified Messaging Platform Provides Backbone for Institutional Investment Liquidity Service

OTTAWA, April 6, 2010 – Solace Systems, the leading provider of hardware-based middleware, today announced that Liquidnet has selected Solace’s Unified Messaging Platform as a key component of its liquidity matching service. After evaluating several messaging technologies, Liquidnet chose Solace’s messaging middleware for its fast, predictable performance, ease of use, and high availability architecture.

“Liquidnet is the premier provider of trading services for the institutional buy-side, ” said Craig Betts, CEO at Solace Systems. “We are grateful for the opportunity to help Liquidnet accelerate and simplify their middleware to better serve their Member firms.”

Liquidnet is using the Solace 3260 Message Router to accelerate reliable and guaranteed messaging around the world. Solace’s equipment is live in production use today.

“Providing our Members with fast and reliable access to liquidity is at the heart of our business, ” said Brett Kotch, head of architecture at Liquidnet, the premier institutional investment community. “Solace came to us not as a vendor, but as a business partner, and we’ve defined the next-generation infrastructure that will help us extend our position of leadership in trading services.”

Mr. Kotch will discuss Liquidnet’s middleware infrastructure during a keynote address at the April 26 A-Team Conference in New York entitled, “Insight Exchange, Ultra High Performance Technologies for the Financial Markets.”